Here Is A Look At Apple's New Planet Of The Apps Show

Here Is A Look At Apple's New Planet Of The Apps Show

Apple released a trailer for Planet of the Apps, its upcoming series that examines the massive world of apps, developers with ideas for what they hope will be the next big download, and the celebrity entrepreneurs and venture capitalists that could help them achieve their app dreams.

The guys over recode were given a trailer for the new Planet of the Apps show which they shared on Twitter, you can see the trailer below. "Apple should certainly have enough credibility to have access to those people, but this is about television". We think we have a real opportunity in the TV space to do that with Apple Music and shows, and the things we're trying to do aren't being done by anybody else. The action, which consists of "escalator pitches" and app developers who promise to "revolutionize social media". If that sounds like Shark Tank, that's because it's pretty much Shark Tank, but with less talk about royalties.

The final round will see the developers pitch their proposals to investors from VC firm Lightspeed Venture Partners, which has previously pumped money into Snapchat, Giphy, Nest and TaskRabbit.

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"We might be better buying somebody or doing that, but that's not what we're trying to do", Cue said. But given how many people like shows like Shark Tank (while the ABC series' fall finale last December saw a significant drop in ratings, it still drew in a healthy 4.9 million viewers) Planet of the Apps may just have an audience.

An episodic adaptation Carpool Karaoke featuring prominent music artists paired with celebrities will premiere on the company's Apple Music platform. Cue said that he believes there's merit in that idea because Apple Music now has more than 20 million subscribers worldwide, which means the series will be available globally without the hassle of striking licensing deals with TV channels and streaming services. The tech company plans to use the original productions as a way to attract and retain users to its Apple Music service. Besides Planet of the Apps, it is also working on a scripted series that's semi-autobiographical and based on Dr. Dre's life. Apple was interested, and Silverman and the rest of the producers slowed down the process with the networks to give Apple a chance at securing it for Apple Music. "We think video can be a very important part of Apple Music", Cue said.