Sprint tweaks its unlimited plan following Verizon and T-Mobile changes


Then T-Mobile upped its unlimited plan to keep up with Verizon. While it hasn't happened yet, Instinet Analyst Jeffrey Kvaal noted AT&T - which now offers unlimited only to DirecTV subscribers - will also likely give its unlimited offering a boost with a roll out to the wider base.

Sprint has announced the launch of a new unlimited plan that they're calling "The Best Unlimited HD Plan Ever", made for the specific goal of one-upping T-Mobile and Verizon by offering a similar plan at a lower price. The only carrier that includes taxes and fees in is T-Mobile.

That's right - if you switch to take advantage of this new deal, Sprint will let you lease the new iPhone 7 for $0 monthly payments for 18 months.

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Sprint's doubling down on unlimited data leaves AT&T the only carrier not offering an unlimited data plan to all its customers. They will be defining factors in the race to provide customers not only with Unlimited data, but high-bandwidth experiences. This brings the total per line for a family of four down to $22.50.

Starting tomorrow, Sprint customers will have access to HD-quality video and a 10 GB mobile hotspot with the carrier's unlimited plan, compared to 480p video previously. After that date, prices will go up to $60 per month for line one, $40 per month for line two, and $30 per month for each additional line. As detailed in the chart above, new customers will pay $50 for a single line and $90 for lines 2-5 until next year. "With more than 160MHz of 2.5GHz spectrum in the top 100 USA markets, Sprint has more spectrum than any other carrier across the nation", the company noted in a release.