Duterte has P2B in banks - Trillanes


An opposition senator pressed Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday to publicly release details of his bank accounts to disprove allegations that he had large sums of undeclared money.

Trillanes released bank statements, which he said were from 2006 to 2015, allegedly showing Duterte has or controls $47.8 million in secret accounts which he failed to report before he ran for president in 2016. The 71-year-old president called the allegations "old and rehashed".

A Filipino senator has accused firebrand President Rodrigo Duterte of squirrelling away nearly £40m ($49m) in hidden bank accounts.

Duterte has retained a high popularity rating in the Philippines despite repeated attacks at home and overseas that prompted him to suspend the police's involvement in a drugs war that has killed more than 3,000 people.

"I have answered his allegation before I became president".

Abella challenged Trillanes to go to proper authorities "if he truly has something in mind" against President Duterte.

"It needs to make clear that unless Duterte decisively ends the killings and prosecutes those responsible, he risks a suspension of Japanese financial aid, training programs, and equipment sales to the Philippine National Police", he added.

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Since Duterte enjoys immunity as president, any allegations into illegal wealth and disclosure failures would need to be raised at an impeachment trial in Congress, which is controlled by his allies.

Malacañang on Wednesday stressed that President Rodrigo Duterte's display of strong political will is just a firm response to the issues of the times and not a sign of a looming dictatorship.

Avanceña also has her own legitimate source of earnings since 18 years ago when she ventured into businesses - a donut business and as meat supplier in five malls in the city.

Trillanes also revealed that the Duterte family received $2.4m from a Davao City businessman, who also contributed more than $600,000 to Duterte's campaign.

"I will distribute it to the people", she said in a statement, using a mix of English and Filipino.

He added that they were not also poor because his father, the late Vicente Duterte, was governor and left them inheritance. "The people have already spoken, they have placed me in the office with 16 million votes", he declared. "I advise him further to stop opening his mouth when he has nothing to say anyway", he added.