Fox Anchor Wants Answers On Trump's Russia Ties


Trump said. "With the stupid plastic button that made us all look like a bunch of jerks". "He keeps repeating ridiculous throwaway lines that are not true at all..." However, Fox News' Shepard Smith, who has been with the channel since its debut over twenty years ago, went on the air immediately after the presser and, his voice dripping with scorn, absolutely lost it.

Trump did have a refreshing start on the question-and-answer segment by calling on reporters he did not know, as well as those he knew and even considered hostile. The public doesn't believe you people anymore.

Trump was repeatedly asked by reporters from different publications about reported conversations between his campaign aides and Russian officials.

Trump, however, saved a bit of sweetness for Acosta, with whom he's tussled previously, teasing the reporter for sharing a last name with the new Labor Secretary nominee, Alex Acosta. But he quickly slipped into his familiar pattern of bashing specific news outlets and describing their stories as 'fake news'.

Twice in one week, Trump held a press conference with a visiting foreign leader and only called on reporters from conservative news outlets, or at least outlets likely to be favorable to him.

"I own nothing in Russian Federation", he said. "I sort of understand there's a certain bias, maybe by Jeff or somebody, you know, whatever reason".

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"Well, it would be nice if the conservative outlets the president is calling on would ask him tough questions instead of trying to curry favor with this president", CNN anchor John King condescendingly chimed in. I have to say, Fox & Friends in the morning, they're very honorable people.

Trump: "I'm changing it from fake news, though - [to] very fake news".

Trump v "fake news" CNN: the rematch. "What were they saying?" And that you call us "fake news" and put us down like children, for asking these questions on behalf of the American people is inconsequential.

"That's what happens when an authoritarian regime targets a network because they don't like our journalism", Zucker said at the Turner Broadcasting event at the Time Warner Center.

It might seem surprising to see Smith's strong reaction against Trump on the notoriously conservative channel, but this rant is not Smith's first against the current president.