Google CEO responds to 7-year-old who wants job


Having learnt from her father Andy Bridgewater about the attractive and creative work executed at Google, the 7-year old daughter eventually made a decision to write a letter to Sundar Pinchai without expecting any reply from him.

Andy Bridgewater, Chloe's father, stated that the girl's fascination with Google started when she asked him where his ideal place to work would be, according to Business Insider.

"I had to explain to her what an application was", he said. He doesn't think Chloe will understand the reaction that this story will get afterward.

Chloe unexpectedly agreed, and pulled out a sheet of notebook paper to jot down her ideas. She wrote, "Dear Google Boss", and spelled out her qualifications.

For any employee who aims to reach heights in IT industry, the World famous Tech giant Google is undoubtedly the dream company to work for.

"Thank you so much for your letter".

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Four days after Chloe mailed the one-page letter to Google headquarters in late January, Pichai responded with a letter of his own, shocking both the little girl and her dad.Pichai responded with a letter of his own, shocking both the little girl and her dad. I'm glad that you like computers and robots, and hope that you will continue to learn about technology.

In his reply, the CEO told Chloe to "keep working hard and following your dreams". I don't really know what one of them is but he said a letter would do for now.

"We didn't expect the CEO to respond", Brigewater said. "What a sign of the type of person he is".

The seven-year-old little girl had only ever sent one letter before, to Father Christmas, but made a decision to give it a shot, and penned a letter to Google's CEO Sundar Pichai, who took the position of CEO in 2015.

"I like computers too and have a tablet I play games on.my teachers tell my mum and dad I am very good in class and am good at my spelling and reading and my sums", she added.