ICE Rounds Up 'Dreamer' in WA Immigration Raid


Daniel Ramirez was approved twice under the Obama administration's 2012 deportation amnesty, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, which is supposed to prevent recipients from being kicked out of the country.

DACA was established in 2012 by President Obama to allow those brought to America while young to attend school and work without fear of deportation. His work permit should have been valid for at least another year, according to his attorneys.

The Department of Justice has a deadline of Thursday morning to file a response to Ramirez Medina's complaint challenging his detention.

"Mr. Ramirez - a self-admitted gang member - was encountered at a residence in Des Moines, Washington, during an operation targeting a prior-deported felon".

The Justice Department says a Seattle area man detained by immigration agents despite his participation in a federal program to protect those brought to the US illegally as children has admitted to having gang ties and to having been arrested previously.

"While in custody, he was repeatedly pressured by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to falsely admit affiliation", said Dettmer.

"To me, it's one of the most hard subjects I have, because you have these incredible kids - in many cases, not in all cases".

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Young people like Daniel trusted the government, and applied for the DACA program under the promise that applying would not result in immigration enforcement actions.

An immigrant from Mexico who has obtained a work permit since being brought into the country illegally as a child was arrested by authorities in Seattle, Reuters reported Tuesday.

"I don't think it really suggests that this is going to happen much in the future, absent the revocation of DACA, or something like that", Johnson said. The officers arrived at the home to arrest the man's father, though court documents did not make clear the reason the father was taken into custody.

At that point, the agent's report said, Ramirez Medina added that he "used to hang out with the Sureno's in California", fled that state to escape gangs, yet "still hangs out with the Paizas in Washington state". He now faces a hearing Friday over his status and possible removal from USA soil after 16 years, though he claims his arrest was unconstitutional.

Federal agents arrested Daniel Medina Ramirez last week at his father's home near Seattle.

Rosenbaum also accused Imigration and Customs Enforcement officials of doctoring a form filled out by Ramirez asking to be transferred out of the gang unit at the detention center. The lawsuit, which was filed in Seattle Monday, states that officials asked him if he was in the country legally.

"Yes, I have a work permit", he replied, and on his brother's advice, declined to answer further questions. She said the arrests took place across the street and not on church property.

An ICE spokesperson says, while it's not common, DACA recipients have been arrested in the past for criminal convictions or gang affiliation. "Did you see that?' And they say, 'No, somebody else told me.' And that's when we see it's not real, the ICE activity in the community", Sosa said.