Immigrants to boycott work to protest Trump

Source KXXV

Some of the USA capital's finest restaurants are putting their money where their mouths are: shutting down for a day to protest President Donald Trump's anti-immigrant policies.

The protest is a response to the new administration's focus on tighter borders and travel restrictions, like the controversial executive order-which, for now, has been halted in court-temporarily barring immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries and suspending our refugee program.

Other restaurants, like Eataly Boston in the Back Bay, are supporting any employees who wish to take part in the strike.

KVUE News talked to the owner and staff members at Mi Tradicion Bakery in North Austin.

The Philadelphia restaurant owner is one of many restaurateurs across the country closing up shop Thursday, in protest of President Trump's immigration policies. "Whether it be economics, human rights or basic survival, I've never shied away from standing up for what I believe is right".

Cheap lettuce, for example, is said by supporters of immigrants to be available because of migrant farm workers. Several restaurants have planned how they would work out without the employees that would be gone for the day. The bar will apparently remain open.

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Expensive restaurants and fast-food joints alike closed across the U.S. On Ninth Street in South Philadelphia's Italian Market, it was so quiet in the morning that Rani Vasudeva thought it might be Monday, when numerous businesses on the normally bustling stretch are closed.

Andrés faces a lawsuit against Trump after pulling out of a restaurant deal at Trump's new Washington, D.C., hotel over offensive comments Trump made about Mexican immigrants.

"Mostly the people who work here are immigrants".

Kalina Terrazas, a manager for El Burrito Mercado in St. Paul, said numerous restaurant's employees were joining the movement and the owners want to stand in solidarity with them.

Erfani added, "They are hard workers". They are just a small handful of all that America owes to immigrants. They work hard, they come here six in the morning.

That year's "un dia sin inmigrantes", Spanish for a "A Day Without Immigrants", protests and strikes drew massive turnout across the country - including an estimated 500,000 marchers in Los Angeles alone. The bill won passage in the House of Representatives before failing in the Senate.