Malaysian police detain boyfriend of Indonesian Kim Jong Nam murder suspect


Jong Nam died on his way to hospital.

I suppose it's one way to ensure you blend into the crowd.

Mr Kim Jong Nam was at KLIA2 waiting for a flight to Macau on Monday when two women attacked him with poison.

The paper's anonymous source also suggested he had also made unsuccessful bids to defect to South Korea, the U.S. and Europe in 2012.

Aisyah is said to have protested her innocence to Malaysian authorities about the assassination, which took place at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 on Tuesday.

No motive for the killing has been revealed, nor any explanation of how he was poisoned.

Describing how Gomi had a house in China and also received security protection from Beijing, he said: "Until now, there has not been any official response from China with regard to the current incident".

A North Korean defector in South Korea who has knowledge of the communist regime's intelligence tactics told the JoongAng Ilbo that a North Korean couldn't have been able to pull off the job because they have so much reverence to the Kim dynasty, a result of ceaseless indoctrination from the North Korean leadership. He didn't provide any evidence.

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The volcano - Mount Paektu, which is topped with a deep crater lake - is at the heart of North Korea's foundation myth, and is used to legitimize the Kim family's three generations of power.

Both specific circumstances surrounding the death - North Korean officials had tried to stop Malaysian police from conducting an autopsy, for example - and a long record of similar assassinations suggest that the hermit kingdom could be involved.

Meanwhile, one of the women - captured on CCTV wearing a jumper with "LOL" written on the front - reportedly cut her own hair the day before the attack. She was identified using earlier surveillance video from the airport, police said.

Officers later arrested Muhammad Farid Bin Jalaluddin, a 26-year-old Malaysian man.

Boy Rafli Amar, public relations chief of Indonesia's police, was quoted as saying that Indonesia would not interfere in the investigation and that it respected the legal process in Malaysia, according to Bernama, a Malaysian media outlet. The ministry said in a statement it concluded the woman is Indonesian based on data provided by Malaysian authorities and the Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia. No charges have been laid. Minutes later, Kim fell ill, sought help and died while being rushed to the hospital. (For someone who claims to uphold true Korean values, Kim certainly lacks Confucian ethics, which prize the family-he has a penchant for murdering his relatives.) Now, the Chinese will only be "further upset", by Kim Jong-nam's death, reasons Su Mi Terry, a former intelligence official with deep expertise in northeast Asia.

Exactly what changed his father's mind is unclear, but a botched 2001 attempt to get into Japan on a fake passport-apparently to visit Disneyland-is commonly cited as the fatal blot on his copybook.

Reports of purges and executions have emerged from Jong-Un's North Korea in recent years, as the young leader tries to strengthen his grip on power in the face of global pressure over his country's nuclear and missile programmes.