Microsoft Office adds Touch Bar support


Microsoft's Office suite for Mac now supports Apple's latest MacBook pro feature (or gimmick, depending on your view): the Touch Bar. This is happening a couple of weeks after people taking early builds in the fast ring of Microsoft's Office Insider program got access to the new features earlier this month.

Microsoft is adding Touch Bar support to each Office for Mac app.

As for how this new update can actually help a MacBook Pro user's workflow, Word now cuts out clutter for a clearer screen, moving several formatting tools to the Touch Bar. Mac users should expect the following features with the Touch Bar in Office.

Touch Bar functionality seems to bring the biggest productivity boost to Word, where it plays an important role in Focus Mode. In Word, Office users will be able to activate Focus Mode to remove the Ribbon for less distractions, alongside the ability to format text and change font styles and options to insert comments, photos, and hyperlinks straight from the Touch Bar.

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In Excel, the Touch Bar provides quick access to recently used functions, as well as settings for borders, cell colors and charts.

One of MacBook Pro's main attraction is its Touch Bar display which can provide you with shortcuts to the tools which are sometimes hard to find.

Touch Bar commands in PowerPoint add a new Reorder Objects button and allow for swipe gestures to rotate objects. Of course, Outlook users can also take advantage of the Touch Bar, with the app serving up common commands, a list of recent documents while composing an email, and a shortcut to join a Skype for Business meeting with a tap.