Pokemon Go new update will add 80 plus new Pokemons


Other features announced include new items to make your first generation creatures evolve into second generation Pokemon, new reactions from Pokemon as you try to catch them, new avatars and expanded clothing items for said avatars. These new Pokemon come from the region of Pokemon Gold and Silver's Johto, bringing the likes of Totodile, Cyndaquil, and Chikorita. 80 new Gen 2 Pokemon will now appear on players maps, and you also might notice that each of your Pokemon now has a gender, opening the doors for a possibility of Pokemon breeding. The latest update comes with 80 more Pokemon from the Johto Region. Be on the lookout for new Evolution items at PokeStops, which you'll need to evolve some Pokemon. The upcoming update is expected to introduce items that could be featured, purchased or unlocked in the game. All these will reportedly be part of the 0.57.2 update of the Android APK plus more.

New berries will also be added to help trainers catch Pokemon. For example two berries are added, which allow new functions such as the ability to bend the sweets obtained from the creatures or slow the movements of our enemies to our benefit. Thus, the rollout of the game's new content and features have been very much anticipated. Feeding a Pokemon a Nanab Berry, will slow down its movements, making it easier to catch. Apart from the popular Razz Berry, Pokemon GO would also offer players to the capability to use Nanab Berries and Pinap Berries. Players will be able to encounter these new Pokemon in the wild this week. Aside from this there is even more with new clothing options for even greater customization that can be used on the personal avatar in-game.

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So, the question remains, is anyone actually playing Pokemon GO anymore?