Questioned About Anti-Semitism Trump Answers by Bragging About Electoral Win

The general sentiment on social media accounts was that the West was waging a war against Islam and if you had any doubt about that before Trump's

US President Donald Trump and a Jewish reporter exchanged harsh words during Trump's almost 80-minute press conference on Thursday. But instead, he lashed out against those asking the question.

Tablet magazine cast Trump as a Hitler-type figure throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, for example, and the Jewish Forward hyped fears among Jews about Trump's "nativist" supporters.

A recent report by the Anti-Defamation League concluded that much of the anti-Semitic vitriol has come from Donald Trump supports. In our investigation into hate crime in Germany, particularly hate crime associated with xenophobia, we found that the rhetoric of leaders matters a great deal.

Following Trump's election, hate crimes of all sorts spiked.

April Ryan, Washington bureau chief for the American Urban Radio Networks, asked Trump a question about his vague promise to rebuild the inner cities. There are people who are committing anti-Semitic acts or threatening to'.

So it's no surprise that the Jewish community is on edge and looking for reassurance from our president.

Several minutes later, SiriusXM POTUS channel's White House Correspondent Jared Rizzi tried broaching the topic again.

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"What we are concerned about and what we haven't really heard you address is the uptick in anti-Semitism and how you intend to take care of it", Turx asked. So it fell to a member of the Israeli media to ask a hard-hitting question.

Turx went out of his way to make it clear that he was not accusing President Trump or anyone in his circle of anti-Semitism, even highlighting that Trump is a grandfather to Jewish children. This is not a partisan issue. "Intentional or not, this emboldens anti-Semites".

Speaking alongside Trump in the White House, Netanyahu brushed off a question about surging anti-Jewish sentiment in the United States since the November 8 election.

Turx noted that he did not believe the president or his staff were anti-Semitic. "It's a potentially lethal problem - and it's growing". With his neglect or instigation, it can get worse.

As the reporter was explaining the issue, Trump stuck out his hand, saying, "He said he was going to ask a very simple, easy question". Most of all, the president could emphatically and unambiguously speak out against anti-Semitism whenever it happens and shame anti-Semites from the public square.

Near the end of today's Electric Kool-Aid Press Conference, President Trump decided he'd like a break from the tough questions about "his policies" and "things he's said".

His answer, which was criticised on social media, has been slammed by the daughter of former United States president Bill Clinton and Trump's old rival for the White House, Hillary Clinton.