Small businesses to strike Thursday to protest Trump's immigration policies


"It will be a very limited menu because we are not as talented as the people who normally work there", McDonough told the Post, adding that the employees participating in the boycott will be paid. Ideal will pay its employees during its closure. He said he expects to lose almost $100,000 from Thursday's closing, but said it's worth it. A Day Without Immigrants is among the first large-scale strikes in the wake of Trump's inauguration. Fliers circulating on social media are urging all immigrants to skip work and school and to refrain from shopping on Thursday in defiance of President Donald Trump's harsh immigration pledges. "I hope that's the message we are giving our families, our community members and our policymakers". "And that's why we stand with them, today and every day". Owner Otto Pahn said he's closing to acknowledge the day.

This Thursday, February 16, people in Washington, D.C., may start to understand the real meaning of "Immigrants: We get the job done." .

In Austin, Texas, Mayor Steve Adler declared his support, saying "this is a country of immigrants and a city of immigrants, and I love it when we stick up for each other here".

The new wave of protests came after hundreds of undocumented immigrants mainly from Latin American countries were arrested across the country last week, many of them netted at home or workplaces.

Businesses in Chicago and across the country shut down for the day in observance of "A Day Without Immigrants".

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- In New Mexico, the state with the largest percentage of Hispanic residents in the nation, school officials anxious that hundreds of students may stay home on Thursday. It is also a protest against President Trump's immigration policies.

The restaurant owners José Andrés and Andy Shallal said online that all of their restaurants will be closed to express solidarity for immigrants.

The Davis Museum at Wellesley College in MA said it would remove or shroud all artwork created or given by immigrants to the museum through February 21. They contribute to the economy rather than harming it, advocates say.

While such raids have not yet been reported in Philadelphia, organizers said they have been receiving panicked texts and calls from immigrants around the city who fear such raids could take place.

While immigrant rights groups feel ICE is going after more people they feel are here illegally, ICE says this is business as usual and says they've carried out specific operations like this for many years.