"Splash! Magikarp" Game to Bring Everyone's Favorite Water-Type to Mobile Devices


Not wanting to let the opportunity pass, The Pokemon Company, the real actual owners of the Pokemon brand, is teasing a new game that will be coming soon to Android and iOS.

The game is called Splash! Magikarp" and is a literal translation of the original game titled "Hanero!

It'll be releasing sometime in 2017 for iOS and Android in Japan. It will feature the weakest Pokemon present in the fantasy world of Pokemon.

We will of course bring you more info when we get it, but for now, we're off to try and think up a name for a potential new mobile sidekick.

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Today, The Pokemon Company revealed another Pokemon title being developed for smartphones, this time centering around everyone's favorite flailing, useless fish.

A teaser website for the game comes in the form of a newspaper article reporting on the appearance of mysterious holes in a peaceful town. You might, however, want to set your expectations low, as the game seemingly revolves around none other than Magikarp.

Now we believe that the game will be released in Japan alone. No word yet on an global release. How about one that focuses on the eternally flopping Magikarp?

Although big among gamers, Pokemon really hit mainstream when Pokemon GO launched a year ago. With the mysterious holes very much looking like it is in a shape of a Magikarp.