Trump falsely claims he got biggest Electoral College win since Reagan


"I hope going forward things can be a little bit different and maybe get along a little bit better".

Shortly after he began his press conference Thursday, Trump stated that his electoral college win was the biggest since President Ronald Reagan before pivoting to an attack on the media. "President Obama 332, and George H.W. Bush 426, when he won as president".

As Trump responded, the television audio feed cut out, not returning until he answered Alexander's second, unrelated question, so he was only audible via the White House public address system. He achieved 365 electoral votes in 2008 and 332 electoral votes in 2012.

For Trump's claim to be true, we would have to leave out President Barack Obama, President Clinton, and President George H.W. Bush.

Trump's 304 total does not even mark the highest tally for just a Republican presidential candidate since the Reagan era.

President Donald Trump won the electoral college with 306 electoral college votes to Hillary Clinton's 232.

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"I guess it was the biggest electoral college win since Ronald Reagan".

NBC reporter Peter Alexander was quick to fact check the president, calling him out for providing fake information. In 2000, Bush won 271 Electoral Votes and in 2004, he was reelected with 286 votes.

"I was given that information", Trump said.

The President insisted to reporters, his aides and family at his first solo press conference this term that he had "inherited a mess" from Mr Obama, that the Middle East was a "disaster" and that no government had ever taken so much positive action so early on. Adding he had won with 306 votes because "people came out and voted like they've never seen before".

"I was given that information.I've seen that information around". But a lot of people are happy about it, ' he said.

But Alexander pushed forward, questioning Mr Trump's apparent double standards.