How Samsung's Galaxy S8 Will Boost Its Bixby Digital Assistant


Samsung has created a virtual assistant named Bixby for its new smartphone.

Samsung has stated that Bixby will be able to control apps by being contextually aware and allowing a user to jump between touch commands and voice commands.

The company, according to the same post, has also revealed that it has "has employed artificial intelligence, reinforcing deep learning concepts to the core of our user interface designs". Now Samsung will have one, too, and Bixby sounds like a pretty ambitious effort. It will also be limited to just English and Korean at first, with Chinese and US Spanish to be added shortly after launch. Samsung says this suite of Bixby-enabled applications will expand over time, and the eventual plan is to release an SDK to enable third-party developers to make their applications and services Bixby-enabled.

Completeness: Bixby enabled apps will be able to hand over nearly any task the app is capable of to Bixby. Samsung will be adding a dedicated Bixby button, eliminating reliance on flaky voice activated hot words and replacing it with a single button as part of reducing the burden on the user.

If a user is unaware of how the assistant works, Bixby enabled apps will perform the tasks on users call. It claims to have achieved this with Bixby thanks to this AI's; completeness, context awareness, and cognitive tolerance.

If an app is Bixby-enabled, anything that a user can do by touch can also be done by voice.

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are scheduled to be announced on March 29th, and you know the world will be watching.

Through its cognitive tolerance, Bixby will be smart enough to understand your commands even if you issue them with incomplete information.

On the other hand, Bixby will not be confined to phones - you should apparently expect to see it gradually rolling out to all Samsung appliances. Since Bixby will be implemented in the cloud, as long as a device has an internet connection and simple circuitry to receive voice inputs, it will be able to connect with Bixby.

Samsung says Bixby isn't like the other virtual assistants you've known so far.

Bixby seems different on a conceptual level: It's meant to serve as a new voice-based interface for controlling your apps, rather than just something that you can ask a few questions.