Samsung is banking on Bixby virtual assistant, debuting in Galaxy S8


He also went on to say that "Bixby will be a new intelligent interface on our devices". Bixby will be launched with the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone on 29 March. Rhee cautions that this won't happen overnight, but that Bixby will start out with several ingrained advantages. Siri has mostly been a disappointment, and Google Assistant is still getting off the ground. It says Bixby is different because it will be able to support "almost" every task that the app is capable of through normal means, i.e. through the touchscreen. Meanwhile, cognitive tolerance boils down to Bixby's adaptability when it comes understanding user commands, hopefully granting users more leeway with how they speak to it.

The voice-activated personal assistant that would mount on upcoming Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S8 flagship can activate all the phone functions done by fingers and ask back if it did not fully understand the command, according to a senior company executive. While this sounds very similar what Google is doing with their assistant, Samsung's head of research and development for software and services, Dr. Injong Rhee says Bixby's goal is to change user behavior from just using the touch commands.

Samsung says that Bixby is going to be very different from existing virtual assistants in the market, like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana.

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He said Bixby-enabled devices will support nearly every task that the application is capable of, will have contextual understanding of the device to offer touch and voice and will have cognitive tolerance to execute commands from incomplete information. It will offer a deeper experience than its competitors because of its "proficiency" in three properties: completeness, context awareness, and cognitive tolerance. "The aim to make the interface of the phone simpler and more natural to use". This set will continue to expand over time. Whether Bixby lives up to the hype remains to be seen, but it won't be long until we get to try it out first-hand.

If a user is unaware of how the assistant works, Bixby enabled apps will perform the tasks on users call. Samsung's plan is to eventually release a software development kit to enable third-party developers to make their applications and services Bixby-enabled. Samsung said - "In the future, you would be able to control your air conditioner or TV through Bixby".