Neil Gorsuch Is Officially Confirmed To the Supreme Court


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, speaking with reporters before Friday's vote, said blocking then-President Barack Obama's nominee, Judge Merrick Garland, and holding the seat open for this president, was one of the "most consequential decisions I've been involved in". Then Republicans took the almost unprecedented step of using the "nuclear option" to blow up the filibuster so Gorsuch could be confirmed with 51 votes.

With Judge Neil Gorsuch on the verge of confirmation to the Supreme Court, President Donald Trump - the first truly outsider president in recent memory - is nearing his first major legislative achievement.

Democrats in the Senate carried out a filibuster against Gorsuch's confirmation earlier this week and denied him the 60 votes needed to advance his nomination to a final vote.

"In many cases, the Supreme Court is the last resort for everyday Americans seeking fairness and justice against forces much larger than themselves", said Minority Leader Sen.

A rule change for President Trump's Supreme Court nominee??! At 49, Gorsuch becomes the youngest member of the court by almost eight years, giving him the opportunity to affect jurisprudence for decades to come.

All other Democrats were expected to vote against Gorsuch.

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If the maneuvering plays out as expected it will set the stage for a final confirmation vote on Gorsuch Friday, allowing him to join the court in time to hear the final set of cases this term. After the Supreme Court, with Scalia in the majority, struck down key elements of the Voting Rights Act, North Carolina enacted tough new restrictions.

"He's going to make an incredible addition to the court".

Republicans say Gorsuch is more than qualified to take his seat on the bench.

The confirmation wins them control of a court which is the final arbiter on the most controversial U.S. legal issues.

At the time, Republicans criticized Reid's use of the "nuclear option" to block the filibuster, the most powerful tool that a party in the minority has in order to influence or prevent actions by the party in the majority. Sen.

With the recent failure of Republican healthcare legislation in Congress and with federal courts blocking the president's ban on people from several Muslim-majority nations from entering the United States, securing Gorsuch's confirmation took on even greater importance for Trump, who took office in January.