Russian Federation bans image of Putin in drag, labeling it 'extremist' material


It's apparently so offensive because the Russian courts ruled that it "hints at the Russian president's allegedly nonstandard sexual orientation".

According to the New York Times, the image was created by an artist named Alexander V. Tsvetkov, and it went viral on a Russian social media website, until the authorities put it on their list of "extremist materials".

According to the Washington Post, the picture was described last week by the Russian government as "extremism". It's actually unclear which image as the list of banned "extremist" materials does not actually include a depiction of the image that is banned, but it probably looks something like the photo above.

The ministry's ban follows a verdict reached past year by the Central Regional Court of Tver, which banned the "gay Putin" image and several other pictures published on Vkontakte by Tsvetkov.

The circulation of the images first came before the courts a year ago in Tver, a city northwest of Moscow.

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After news broke that the Russian government banned images of Vladimir Putin painted up as a "gay clown", Stephen Colbert used his platform on The Late Show to do in America what has been deemed illegal in Russia.

The court also banned another image Tsvetkov uploaded which depicted Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in Nazi uniforms.

In 2013, Russian Federation banned "propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations", as well as letting gay couples adopt children, but Putin has claimed that the country is tolerant of alternative lifestyles.

Many ultranationalists accuse Putin and his government of being too tolerant of minority groups.

Again, there are just so many images of Putin wearing makeup it's hard to know for sure which one is not illegal to share.