Syrian Town That Suffered Alleged Chemical Attack Hit With New Airstrikes


The strikes on Friday [NZT] - some 60 cruise missiles fired from two ships in the Mediterranean - were the culmination of a rapid, three-day transformation for Trump, who has long opposed deeper U.S. involvement in Syria's civil war.

Clinton on Friday urged the administration to "recognise that we can not in one breath speak of protecting Syrian babies and in the next close America's doors to them".

U.S. ambassador Nikki Haley said America had acted to ensure President Bashar al-Assad would never use chemical weapons again.

The prime minister said the U.S. military response was the only option to respond to the chemical weapons attack that left at least 70 dead in rebel-held territory in Syria's north.

"Strengthening Assad will only lead to more murders", she said. Trump said of the airstrike, "It is in the vital national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons".

US President Donald Trump called on "all civilized nations" to join the US in seeking an end to the carnage in Syria.

The Democrat did not name Trump but concluded that the strike serve as a reminder that "politics matter enormously". "Yes", Menendez said. "But anything more sustained, they need to come to Congress". A Syrian official the attack caused deaths and a fire, but did not elaborate.

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On Thursday, Mr Trump ordered the launch of a barrage of cruise missiles against the Shayrat airfield north of Damascus, which the Pentagon says was used to store the chemical weapons used in the attack.

Reacting on Russia's accusation of US encouraging "terrorists" with its unilateral actions, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said he was "disappointed" with Russia's response.

Major Jamil al-Saleh, a US-backed rebel commander based in the area where the USA attack took place, told reporters that he hoped the strike would be a "turning point" in the war, which has killed an estimated 400,000 people.

Obama's controversial decision precipitated an avalanche of criticism in the United States and overseas for his paralysis over Syria.

Assad is also backed in the war by Iran and the Lebanese group Hezbollah, and other Iranian-backed groups.

"I think what Assad did is bad", Trump told reporters traveling with him on Air Force One en route to Florida. The U.S. began air raids on ISIS forces in Syria in 2014. The decision to intervene in Syria's brutal six-year war seemed a sharp departure from the "America First" policy outlined by Mr. Trump on Inauguration Day.