US, China agree on North Korea, Tillerson says


"This is a rogue regime that is now a nuclear-capable regime, and President Xi and President Trump agreed that that is unacceptable, that what must happen is the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula", he said.

"President Xi clearly understands", Tillerson clarified, "and I think agrees, that the situation has intensified and has reached a certain level of threat that action has to be taken", according to The Guardian.

He also warned North Korea may first attempt to fire up another "satellite rocket" before moving on the bomb test, reports Yonhap.

Foreign relations committee member senator Ed Markey (D-MA) expressed the feeling of many, suggesting that an increased USA military presence in the region will result in "an escalation of tension that could lead to nuclear war".

Meanwhile, U.S. National Security Adviser Herbert McMaster said Sunday that Trump has ordered him to prepare "a full range of options" on North Korea.

North Korea has been trying to develop a long-range missile carrying a nuclear warhead that is capable of hitting the USA mainland, a distance of about 8,000 kilometers.

China's top nuclear envoy Wu Dawei will be holding talks with his South Korean counterpart in Seoul to discuss the results of the recently-held U.S.

"Considering the possibility of North Korea's strategic provocations such as a nuclear test and missile launches, we have in place deterrence to the North's provocation and all readiness against them", he told a briefing on Monday.

The Yomiuri Shimbun Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expressed his support for Washington's determination to deter the use of chemical weapons in Syria in a telephone conversation with U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday morning.

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Tillerson did not offer specifics on what those actions might be, but said in Seoul last month that the USA would consider military action against North Korea if it was provoked.

The U.S. president also spoke about the U.S. Despite criticism that last week's U.S.

With North Korea, the underlying issues are just as complex, but the threat of a nuclear conflict - or even a devastating conventional military attack on South Korea and Japan - makes the stakes far higher.

Yes. Last Wednesday, North Korea launched a ballistic missile that flew a short distance before spinning out of control and crashing into the sea.

"We have 20 years of diplomacy and sanctions under our belt that has failed to stop the North Korean program", a senior intelligence official involved in the review told NBC News.

Xi was similarly upbeat about his U.S. counterpart after the 18-hour summit in Florida that ended on Friday, saying they "got deeply acquainted, established a kind of trust and built an initial working relationship and friendship".

"If you violate worldwide agreements, if you fail to live up to commitments, if you become a threat to others, at some point a response is likely to be undertaken", he said.

North Korea has invited a large number of foreign media representatives to Pyongyang this week, likely to cover the so-called "Day of the Sun" birth anniversary on April 15 of the state founder Kim Il Sung.

He said they aren't carrying the weaponry needed for a strike against Pyongyang's nuclear program, something analysts consider highly unlikely.