Judge Neil Gorsuch Confirmed to US Supreme Court


"Thank you for the warm welcome", he said.

Gorsuch is also a self-professed admirer of the late Justice Antonin Scalia, the author of the Supreme Court's landmark 2008 Second Amendment decision, which found the Constitution protects an individual's right to possess firearms without regard to any militia membership.

Kennedy said the oath Gorsuch took "reminds us that we as a people are bound together, that we as a people find our self-definition, our respect, our heritage and our destiny in the Constitution". Without that number of votes, senators could filibuster the nomination. Trump may be able to make further appointments to make the court even more solidly conservative, with three justices 78 or older: Ginsburg, 84; fellow liberal Stephen Breyer, 78; and conservative swing vote Kennedy, 80.

-His parents, David Gorsuch and Anne Gorsuch Burford, became lawyers.

While Republicans and the White House praised Gorsuch as a mainstream and qualified jurist, Democrats sounded the alarm over past rulings that they said reflected a preference for corporate interests. "I think that's a form of hazing, don't you?"

Senate Republicans invoked the "nuclear option" — allowing all future Supreme Court nominees to pass with a 51-vote simple majority instead of the previous 60-vote threshold. The president is predicting Gorsuch will go down as "one of the truly great justices" in the court's history.

Gorsuch can't vote on cases argued before he was sworn-in.

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Gorsuch was confirmed by the Senate, 54-45, on Friday after a contentious few days, during which Democrats blocked consideration of his nomination by using the minority party's power to filibuster.

During 11 years on the federal appeals court in Denver, Gorsuch mirrored Scalia's originalist approach to the law, interpreting the Constitution according to the meaning understood by those who drafted it. But in his absence, the Supreme Court has been divided on many critical cases 4-4.

-As an associate justice, Gorsuch will earn $251,800 a year - more than 15 percent higher than his $217,600 salary as an appellate judge. Not only did he keep his Supreme Court justice promise, but his cabinet picks have been awesome.

Gorsuch will begin work immediately, armed with law clerks who previously worked for him on the 10th Circuit.

John Malcolm, director of Heritage's Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, expressed a similar positive sentiment regarding Gorsuch's swearing-in.

Kennedy and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg are both in their 80s and Justice Stephen Breyer is 78, raising concern among Democrats that Trump may have another opportunity to move the court in a more definitive conservative direction. If at least four justices agree, a case can be accepted and added, at this point in the year, to the court's oral argument docket for the term that starts next October.