Apple Gets Permit To Test Self Driving Vehicles


The update on the California DMV website confirms that after years of speculation, Apple is serious about building self-driving vehicle software. Companies are required to get a permit before testing autonomous vehicles on the state's public roads. This news alone quells one rumor: that Apple was designing its own vehicle. The company is said to have hundreds of people working on "Project Titan", but progress on the project has reportedly been slowed by multiple departures of key people and debate over the best way forward for the nascent technology. Apple has never officially announced it is working on autonomous auto tech, despite an overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence.

Given the scale of manufacturing you need to build your own cars, the odds would be stronger in favour of Apple as a software provider to existing manufacturers in the future.

There are whispers going around that Apple is developing and maturing its secret automotive project at a facility which is simply known as "SG5", located in Sunnyvale, California. Some of the new hires came from companies such as Ford and Tesla, who are also researching self-driving technology. "Apple is now focused on developing the core technologies needed to power a self-driving vehicle", he says.

According to Apple spokesperson, test drive should improve artificial intelligence systems that must learn the ways to interact with an unpredictability of human drivers.

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An Apple spokesman declined to comment beyond a statement issued in December when Apple filed paperwork with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding safety practices for self-driving cars. While other companies working on self-driving technology have shared their plans, Apple has remained silent about its project for self-driving vehicles.

In the letter, the group said that it was "enthusiastic about the potential of automated systems in many areas, including transport". Its interest in autonomous vehicle technology, however, has always been clear.

According to California's DMV, Apple is branching into the autonomous vehicle business. So, why do they need a permit for testing?