Heading home or on a new job: Fresno victims shot at random

Heading home or on a new job: Fresno victims shot at random

Muhammad told police he did not like white men and said they were responsible for "keeping black people down". He reportedly posted comments on social media expressing hatred toward white people.

Having learned that he was sought in Williams' death, Muhammad began roaming the area looking for white men to shoot.

The suspect has been identified as Kori Ali Muhammad, 39.

One man had just started a new job with the gas company and was riding in a utility truck. Police said the suspect pumped two more rounds into him as Gassett lay on the ground. He said Muhammed took detectives to the scenes of his killings to explain where and how they happened.

"From what I've heard, this was racially motivated", said Randalls' childhood friend Joey Contente.

Three days after a murder at Motel 6, Kori Muhammad's appearance was the only thing that gave him away when he visited his father and grandmother Sunday.

The guard, 25-year-old Carl Williams, was white.

He told police that the security guard had disrespected him during an earlier altercation at a Motel 6.

Muhammad did not make any references to race during last week's attack, according to Dyer, who said investigators will need time to determine the exact motive in the shootings. Dyer says he watched detectives investigate, then left and hid by a dumpster. He had been associated with gangs but he was not a confirmed member, police say.

"That was going to be his target, and he caught up with him and he fired two rounds into this individual", Dyer said.

"He said he is Muslim, but prays to seven different gods", the police chief said. Dyer said Muhammad appeared to be proud of what he'd done.

Muhammad walked to Fresno's Tower District - a bustling area full of shops, businesses and restaurants.

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That's when Muhammad - armed with a revolver - decided that he was going to kill as many white males as possible, Dyer said, adding that the Muhammad told investigators that he did not like white men.

"And that's what he set out to do". That is the promise that Eddie Valencia is making to his best friend of 15 years, one of three white men shot dead Tuesday in Fresno, California, in what police are calling a hate crime. The suspect noticed the driver was Hispanic, and the passenger was white.

"When he spoke about the shootings, he did so in a very callous manner", Dyer said. He shot at another and missed, then hit a 37-year-old man walking on a pavement as he carried groceries.

Ex-wife Lisa Gassett said he had been struggling in recent years but still maintained a generous spirit.

Finally, Dyer said Muhammad fired in the direction of a bus stop where he spotted three white men.

The men fled, and the gunman chased one of them - eventually catching up at the parking lot of Catholic Charities. The three victims were apparently chosen at random, police said.

It wasn't until Tuesday, when Muhammad saw on the local news that he was a suspect in the murder of the guard, that Muhammad chose to kill more.

Dyer says Muhammad claims he did so out of respect for the officer and to show the courage of conviction for his alleged crimes and the reasoning behind them. Federal prosecutors said at the time that he was also in possession of a 9mm semi-automatic handgun and two rifles after being convicted of a felony.

Like Dyer, a former friend described Muhammad as intense and unnerving. At times, the suspect laughed while detailing the killings to police.

"I unfriended him about two years ago on Facebook", Jojo Romelo, who met Muhammad in 2014 at a nonprofit public access TV studio in downtown, told NBC station KSEE.

Attorney David Frakt, who once worked as a military lawyer at MacDill Air Force Base where Lemburg was taken after being taken into custody, wasn't surprised that the search for the man continued for so long.