Key facts as Texas governor revives push for 'bathroom bill'

Hilary Niles Paul Heintz

“That House amendment generated the bills fifth fiscal note, and the House amendment raised the fiscal note 25 percent over the version that left this chamber, ” Regier said, referring to the Department of Revenues most recent estimate of how much the tax break would decrease state revenues. He has another measure - SB 2143 - to increase the basic allotment per student permanently to $5,140.

The bill has seen some pushback from people who want school districts to receive a pot of money set aside for gifted and talented programs.

"We have before us a bill that we can all be proud of", said Sen.

The House bill was approved by the appropriations committee and has one more committee stop before reaching the house floor.

"Each year the cost of doing nothing continues to rise", said Lucas, R-Hartsville. However, most Senate Republicans, the majority party in the Senate, want an offsetting income-tax cut included in the proposal before they will approve any gas-tax increase. If passed, HB 2899 would ban any Texas city from creating a nondiscrimination ordinance or a law that prohibits discrimination in both public and private sectors. The bill would change that to require the pay out of interest in civil cases from their start.

The bill would allow up to four state-licensed marijuana growing operations, with up to a dozen dispensaries.

According to the 2017 Kids Count in Indiana Data Book, Indiana ranked third out of 37 states in the percentage of high school students who seriously considered attempting suicide in 2015.

The Senate approved a bill that would allow home-schooled students to participate in public school sports and other activities.

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The seven-page letter to Paxton, who as the state's top attorney is expected to rule soon on the legality of the Senate plan, quickly touched off an angry response from Senate leaders, who appeared to harden their resolve on the issue.

The Senate has passed similar measures in the past and its fate in the House is uncertain.

In February, the board sided with a committee of teachers and experts that recommended scrapping previous requirements asking high school biology students to consider "all sides" of scientific theory.

"It will say basically that these license holders would have to produce a diversity plan or basically show how they are going to bring in other small businesses to come in and participate in the free market", said McCarthy.

Progressive groups cheered the move, saying it safeguards lessons on evolution.

"This is the school finance bill", he reminded Rep. Jason Isaac, R-Dripping Springs, who unsuccessfully tried to attach a provision to HB 21 that addressed the testing and accountability system.

Democrats and a handful of Senate Republicans support increasing the state's 16.75-cent-a-gallon gas tax, the second lowest in the nation.

Last week, the Senate's chief budget writer, Jane Nelson, asked Paxton to rule that the Senate plan was legal, arguing that delaying the transfer by a month of the $2.5 billion to the highway fund from sales and use tax collections would not run afoul of wording in the constitution requiring it be transferred in the same fiscal year.