Nintendo is Working on a SNES Mini for the Holiday Season

NES classic Uber

One of the most sought-after gaming items from a year ago was Nintendo's NES Classic Edition.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition is apparently dead after releasing a statement that the classic device has reached its due date. Most have run out of stock for quite some time and chances of seeing them re-stocked could be low.

This would also give Nintendo some fresh buzz alongside the Switch heading into Christmas, and here's hoping they could work out the design kinks from the NES Classic with round two (namely, those maddeningly short controller cords). However, most may have forgotten that the resurrection of the famed 1986 game console was expected to be done on a limited basis.

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Eurogamer recently reported that the SNES mini (or the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System) has been set to hit the market around Christmas this year, with development already underway. Hence, it may all be an upgrade in a sense, much of which was covered in a separate post. If a new report turns out to be accurate, we may indeed get a SNES mini this holiday.

Grieving the departure of the NES mini? well a mini version of the SNES is well on its way to fill that nostalgia-laden hole in your heart. According to Eurogamer, the new classic console is said to launch December this year.

For many hardcore gamers this would be a more exciting launch than the NES too - given that it was the SNES that had A Link To The Past - considered by many the best game in the Legend Of Zelda series, as well as Super Mario Kart and Star Fox. Hopefully, the SNES mini will contain a great deal more. The NES mini came with 30 titles. Nintendo had to stop its production to make way for SNES Classic Edition. Interestingly enough, Nintendo's plans for the SNES mini are the main reason why the NES mini was discontinued in the first place.