Google Home Supports Multi Users Now


By adding multi-user support, Home, which is powered by Google Assistant, can recognize up to six different users' voices and provide them with information that's specific to them.

Confusing different voices isn't that big of a deal because Google is still pretty skittish about actually doing things to your Google account through the device. Google said those phrases are analyzed by a neural network that can detect certain characteristics of a person's voice in a matter of milliseconds.

Google Home is, for the uninitiated, a smart home speaker similar to the Amazon Echo. There appears to be some sort of training program to teach Google Home your voice print, and from there it's good to go. Anyone who walks into our homes can say, "OK, Google", or "Hey, Alexa" and get access to whatever they want, from upcoming appointments to the kind of music we like, even addressing them by your name. "We're just getting started and we won't be flawless", the statement said. Users on the latest version of the Google Home app should be able to link additional accounts to the Google Home by opening up the app and looking for a card that states "multi-user is available". So, when you ask Google Assistant for help going forward, it'll be able to distinguish your voice from your son's or husband's or daughter's or roommate's and switch to the right account.

Google's personal assistant just got more personal.

Earlier this month, a report suggested, that Google Home would soon support multiple users.

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Google has announced that Google Home now supports multiple users.

Google notes that this multi-user support is available only in the USA for now, with the United Kingdom getting the feature in "the coming months".

Google's voice-distinction feature, however, won't prevent unauthorized users from activating the assistant, as long as Home's microphone is turned on.

Hours after the advertisement made the rounds, Google Home stopped responding to the man's voice in the advertisement, asking: "OK Google, tell me about the Whopper burger".