Google Home's assistant can now recognize different voices

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"How does my day look?" will receive a personalised response, addressing each user by name.

Home users have long clamored for such a feature.

It will ask you to say the phrases "Ok Google" and "Hey Google" two times each.

Google has announced that Google Home now supports multiple users.

Advertisers often point to one major flaw in smart-home hubs - the inability to recognize the person voicing the query or connecting multiple calendars on desktop or mobile from multiple people to one smart-home device. Google's neural network will then analyze those voices and detect certain characteristics. First, make sure you have the latest version of the Google Home app. If users don't set those up, Google Home just uses the default account's preferences. Rumors that Alexa was going to implement voice recognition have been swirling for some time, but it appears that Google beat them to it this time around. Echo and Alexa lets multiple account holders integrate their music and Amazon shopping accounts, for example.

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"Your Assistant should be personal to you - and now it is".

You'll need the latest Google Home app to get started. This prevents potential blunders from happening, such as one case where a news broadcast caused a number of Echo devices to order dollhouses. With that said, we're just getting started and we won't be flawless.

Google: How does multiuser support work? That means you'll be able to get customized answers for every Google user in your house.

The functionality is now only available to users in the USA, but Google said that it plans to expand user recognition to the U.K.in the coming months. Although Orchowski has publically stated that multidevice scene controls on the Google Home can not be used to the same level of Siri and Alexa just yet.

"It has a clean voiceprint from you", Shear said, speaking of the new feature. Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!