In his own words: Text of Trump's latest complaints about Canadian trade

File pic of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the 2017 Juno awards

At the headquarters of hand and power tool manufacturer Snap-on Inc., Trump signed an order that that asks the government to propose new rules and changes that will stop what he called abuses in a visa program used by USA technology companies.

Trump also reiterated his threat to eliminate the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico if it can not be changed.

Trump delivered his strongest-ever broadside at America's northern neighbour, piling atop his complaints earlier in the week about Canadian dairy and adding fresh gripes for good measure - this time about energy and lumber. The Chamber of Commerce added that it would be a "mistake to close the door on high-skilled workers" who can contribute to the growth and expansion of American businesses and make the US more competitive around the world. American farmers are also upset Canada has changed its dairy policies around "ultra-filtered milk", a protein liquid concentrate used to make cheese, to favour domestic milk over a supply from the U.S. American producers say Canada's policy violates trade agreements and exacerbates a glut of milk on the American side of the border.

Trump promises to work with Wisconsin's congressional delegation to get a solution.

"Canada does not accept the contention that Canadian dairy policies are the cause of financial loss for dairy farmers in the United States", MacNaughton wrote, as reported by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Even though Ellis welcomes Trump's critique of Canada's dairy trade restrictions, he doesn't think the Canadian government will change course.

He says the dairy industry in Canada is doing well.

The House of Commons is not sitting, with MPs on a constituency break until May 1.

The remarks are a marked departure from Trump's previous comments on Canada. That's a major challenge on its own, but is exacerbated by the current milk supply situation in the Northeast.

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“We go to the table with Donald Trump right now with one hand, one arm, tied behind our backs, ” she said, complaining that supply management costs consumers more, prevents producers from tapping into foreign markets, and hinders Canadas ability to negotiate trade deals in other economic sectors.

Trudeau told Bloomberg Television that the United States in fact ran a dairy surplus with Canada.

Trump spoke out against Canada on Tuesday in a way he's not done before, saying Canada has been "very, very unfair" to dairy farmers and "we're going to start working on that". "Canada's repeated disregard for its dairy trade commitments to the United States has left American dairy farmers enduring the severe and unfair consequences", NMPF president Jim Mulhern said.

"As politicians we're very much trained to say something and stick with it".

"We'll get together and call Canada and say, 'What happened?'" Trump pledged.

President Donald Trump has shifted his sharpest economic criticism away from the southern USA border and toward the neighbor to the north. He suggested it has stalled his attempt to renegotiate NAFTA. "You've got to watch how this whole thing evolves".

"NAFTA has been very, very bad".

Tuesday evening, Canada's ambassador to the US sent his own letter to Walker, calling for the governor "not to lay blame where it does not belong".