Katherine Heigl on 'Unforgettable,' overcoming 'mommy guilt'

Unforgettable is not just ironically the least memorable movie you'll see in 2017 – Peter Travers says it's also a sexist exploitative trash

Directed by Denise Di Novi, "Unforgettable" - backed by Warner Bros - is releasing in India on Friday.

The film, which finds the 37-year-old British actor co-starring alongside Rosario Dawson, Katherine Heigl, Geoff Stults and Isabella Rice, centers around a scorned ex-wife's obsession with ruining her former husband's new relationship.

The 38-year-old actress and mom-of-three said Tuesday at the Los Angeles premiere of Unforgettable that 8-year-old Nancy and 5-year-old Adalaide have been "so great" since she welcomed Joshua in December.

Kassianides, who plays the nefarious Michael Vargas, couldn't help but gush about working on a film with "strong" and "powerful women". "I just was able to play it very seriously because I thought I was on the edge of death".

"I think with every mother it's just this sort of perpetual mommy guilt that someone you're kind of not nailing it and to mess up his schedule", she said.

She said: "I couldn't come up with a name for ages".

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"I think Joshua is a attractive name". Dawson, meanwhile, effortlessly embodies the "cool girl" and easily navigates her character's twin modes of frantic and dazed as her situation gets more fraught. "But, from a certain point, you have to depart from there and introduce madness".

The film had numerous women in key roles, including Denise Di Novi as producer and director.

And she says being in such a "weird state" after freezing her eggs allowed her to better portray the character.

And Katherine previously admitted her third pregnancy "wasn't planned".

"When we were around the set, I was just watching an fantastic transformation of this woman", he gushes.