March for Science Set for Earth Day

March for Science Set for Earth Day

The 'March for Science' campaign aims to point out to the public why funding for science is important and highlight how this is now under threat and show support for evidence-based policy and academic freedom both in Scotland, Europe and in the US.

It's discouraging to witness the current attacks on science, and the ever-increasing consequences of climate change, diminishing ocean health and other human-caused problems, but seeing so many people standing up for science and humanity is reason for optimism.

A campus-wide email sent April 13 by Provost Richard Locke and Vice President for Research David Savitz echoed these sentiments. Our book is a comprehensive look at the history and implications of climate science, the barriers to confronting the crisis and the many solutions required to resolve it.

Budget cuts and political assaults on science are expected to draw thousands of demonstrators to the streets in more than 500 cities worldwide Saturday for the first March for Science. Also, they will demand that "billions not be spent on a wall, but on strengthening public schools to educate all our children regardless of immigration status", according to the American Federation of Teachers, one of the many unions supporting actions on that day.

"The March for Science is about recognizing this truth, and the People's Climate March is about acting on it", said Lindsay Meiman, a spokeswoman for 350.org, a climate group that's part of the steering committee of the climate protest.

"We are in an era in which the way that people structure their beliefs around science is of concern", Lynn said.

I think when you compare the numbers, 1,500 isn't much.

He is still not sure whether he will attend the march on Thursday. "Someone needs to stand up on this".

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Nine local scientists and supporters are set to speak at the amphitheater in front of the Indian Museum in Yosemite Village, organizers said.

Christopher Kahler, professor of behavioral and social sciences, said that the goal of this march is to advocate for policies in government and funding that would benefit science and to show the value of science to society as a whole.

"I think there's a stigma associated with us - that we don't know how to talk to others", Hoffman said.

When asked about criticism that the march might be too political or partisan, Johnson cited cases from Galileo to the Flint water crisis to show that science and politics have had a long and at times antagonistic relationship.

Next weekend's climate march, on the other hand, will directly pressure policymakers to back away from the Trump administration's energy proposals and work on tackling climate change.

Organizers are expecting a hectic day in Yosemite between the march and Earth Day.

On Saturday, scientists from around the world, including Canada, will shed their lab coats and will join in what will likely be the largest protest ever by science advocates. For example, Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla., an influential member of the Appropriations and Budget committees, called the proposed cuts "very shortsighted", adding that biomedical research is "part of the defense of the country". Indeed, scientists at the march will also be demonstrating to push for a greater role for climate experts in policy-making.

In the days after the 2017 U.S. presidential inauguration, resistance to the anti-science stance trumpeted during the 2016 campaign grew in online discussions on Reddit.