Microsoft to Release Google Chromebook Rival in May

Concept designed by MSPU based on internal Microsoft concepts

Microsoft bringing a new feature with Redstone 3. The device could also run applications that can be found on Windows Store, unless the user changes certain preferences in its settings. In this Microsoft weekly we have news about Windows 10 Creators Update, #MicrosoftEDU event, Joe Belfiore back, tabbed shell in Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and more.

Apparently, Microsoft may have clued-up to the fact that there is money to be made by releasing its own version of a lightweight, affordable laptop device, which will stave off the Chrome OS juggernaut. Increasing the adoption of Windows 10 will also increase the adoption of cloud. Both Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2 will be announced at a separate event later this year. The hurdle to mass adoption has been prices. With this objective in mind, the new product is rumored to be running over a new OS called Windows 10 Cloud instead of the regular Windows 10.

At least one report says it will run Win32 apps, though, so a more likely scenario is this: The CloudBook will indeed have an Intel chip, but Windows Cloud will have a setting where you can restrict apps to Windows Store only, which will be the default. Windows 10 Cloud would be Microsoft's answer to Google Chromebooks. His concept was that one operation system would be dominating the mobile market.

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In a few weeks, at its education-oriented software and hardware event in New York, Microsoft could unveil a sub-premium laptop - something more robust than a Surface but not as fancy as a Surface Book. Dubbed the "Creators Update," the OS refresh introduced several new security and privacy controls. But corporate customers and users who were hoping to extend the life of older Windows Phone devices may be out of luck.

Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system keeps a list of notifications in the Action Center.

Windows 10 Cloud appears to be inspired by Windows RT, and hopefully, does not meet the same fate as its predecessor. There have always been calls for Explorer to support tabs so that multiple locations on the file system can be browsed without a proliferation of windows, but the report says that Microsoft may be going a step further, bringing tabs to just about every window. In fact, Acer already has a Chromebook competitor called the CloudBook - but we should start seeing a lot more of these devices coming out very soon as Microsoft and its partners get ready to take down Chromebooks.