Pence Urges US Allies To 'Isolate And Pressure' North Korea


His comments came just hours after USA vice president Mike Pence visited a demilitarised zone that separates North and South Korea.

North Korea's Rodong Sinmun, the paper of the ruling party, wrote Thursday that the country stands ready to launch a "super-mighty preemptive strike" against us bases and the mainland, promising to "reduce them to ashes".

Pence pointed out the recent actions of the U.S.in Syria and Afghanistan demonstrated the power of the us military and Trump's resolve.

While Japan's trade surplus with the U.S.is much smaller than China's, Trump has decried the imbalance, especially in auto exports. The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier is undergoing scheduled maintenance at its home port.

Pence told reporters Monday that Trump was hopeful China would use its "extraordinary levers" to pressure the North to abandon its weapons program.

The last time Wu visited Pyongyang, in early February a year ago, his job was to urge restraint after North Korea announced a plan to put a satellite into orbit with a long-range rocket. North Korea will continue to test missiles regularly and any military action against it by the United States would prompt "all-out war", a senior North Korean official tells the BBC.

Pence thanked Abe for his backing of the USA stance on Syria, according to the official.

Japanese officials are indicating Tokyo intends to pursue the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact despite the US withdrawal from the agreement. His national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, said the USA would rely on its allies as well as Chinese leadership to resolve the issues with North Korea.

The possibility will be discussed in a ministerial meeting in late May, Aso said in a speech in NY.

Pence said after the meeting that Trump believes it is in America's interest to negotiate economic deals on a bilateral basis.

The remarks came as Washington reviews trade with 16 partners which has led USA suffering from deficit.

His remarks appeared to allude to U.S. Vice President Mike Pence's comments, after meeting with Aso in Tokyo earlier this week, that the U.S. considered the TPP a "thing of the past".

Pence, his wife Karen and two daughters walked inside the main hall of colorful Senso-ji temple Tuesday as incense burned.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence praised Indonesia's democracy and moderate form of Islam on Thursday alongside the president of the world's most populous Muslim nation, reinforcing his message with a visit to the region's largest mosque.

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President Donald Trump in Washington and Pence at the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea have signalled a forceful USA stance on North Korea's recent actions.

Japan and 10 other signatory nations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership will discuss the possibility of putting the free trade pact into force without the participation of the United States, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso said Wednesday.

Japan and the US have outlined a path forward for economic talks between the countries.

It is the top US state for per-capita foreign direct investment from Japan, including higher-technology and better-paying manufacturing jobs, said Victor Smith, Pence's commerce secretary when he led the state.

The Trump administration wants to find more of that kind of foreign direct investment, and hopes to attract some with the $1 trillion plan to rebuild US roads, bridges and other types of infrastructure.

Trump and Abe agreed in February to have Pence and Aso, who is also Japan's finance minister, open an economic dialogue.

Pence said Trump sees the talks as a way to improve business ties with Japan and is hoping for quick results.

"President Trump has made it clear that the patience of the United States and our allies in this region has run out and we want to see change", he said.

After talks with Widodo, Pence said: "Indonesia's tradition of moderate Islam is frankly an inspiration to the world and we commend you and your people.

If the U.S. is planning a military attack against us, we will react with a nuclear pre-emptive strike by our own style and method".

Wu has earned a number of friends in South Korea and a reputation as a "credible" diplomat over the years, according to one Asian diplomat who declined to be named because he was not authorised to speak to the media.

His plane touched down Tuesday at the US military's Atsugi base outside Tokyo.

The focus of his trip is expected to shift in Japan to trade.

Impoverished North Korea and the rich, democratic South are technically still at war because their 1950-1953 conflict ended in a truce, not a peace treaty.