Sanders, Perez kick off tour in Portland


And even if Sanders doesn't run, his organization could be an enormous asset to whomever he backed, especially if Trump's unpopularity continues and inspires a large Democratic field.

Newly minted Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez announced a tour Monday with Sen. Sanders has endorsed Perriello thereby encouraging this primary.

"It is true that the Democratic party should have put more resources into that election", Sanders said on CNN on Sunday. "Some Democrats are progressive and some Democrats are not". On Tuesday, Sanders, a longtime independent and self-described democratic socialist, made headlines for reaffirming that he still doesn't consider himself a Democrat.

It was practically a shiv in Ossoff's back, but what's really mysterious is why Sanders did it.

"Where I'm from, people live their lives far removed from the powerful elites that seem to hold their destinies in their hands", he said. Sanders received the most support, at 14 percent, but he'll be 79 years old on Election Day in 2020, making it highly unlikely he could capture the nomination.

One way to interpret his reticence is that Sanders is a hedgehog, not a fox. "There's more that unifies us than divides us". Or, as Sanders called it, "progressive". "I have been on airlines many, many times where people have been asked to leave".

And after all, that's what he is: a politician.

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In the same interview, Sanders said that they had to "have the guts to point the finger at the ruling class of this country - the billionaire class and Wall Street - and say 'You know what, your greed is destroying this country'".

Trump met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in the USA earlier this month and spoke by phone with him last week to discuss North Korea's progress in missile development and another potential nuclear test. Nina Turner; former Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver; former Sanders New York delegate Nomiki Konst; Jim Zogby, founder of the Arab-American Institute; former Berkeley, California Mayor Gus Newport; former Nevada Assemblywoman Lucy Flores; and Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb.

"It can't be just symbolic, it has got to be real", Mr. Sanders said. "The Democratic Party has got to hear that pain".

The Hayes interview exposed two related but separate rifts between Sanders and Perez: 1) whether "billionaires" and the "ruling class" are, in fact, to blame for creating America's financial problems; and 2) whether blaming them is an effective political strategy that the Democratic Party should collectively pursue. He might be right.

Perez, the former Obama labor secretary who is regarded as belonging to the Democratic establishment, defeated Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison - a left-wing Bernie Sanders supporter - in February for the DNC chair.

Q. There's a risk that, in the Trump era, Democrats are perceived as just against things. It's hard to argue that supporting a Democrat for mayor who doesn't believe in reproductive rights accomplishes that goal, but supporting a Democratic House candidate who hasn't sufficiently demonstrated his antipathy to Goldman Sachs doesn't. In Perlstein's tortured history of American conservatism, you can draw a line from Hiram Evans, imperial wizard of the KKK in the 1920s, to Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s, Barry Goldwater in the '60s, and President Trump today.