Bernie Sanders Defends Campaigning For Anti-Abortion Rights Democrat


Still, Sanders' call for tax-supported free college tuition and, more broadly, his indictment of the political influence of the wealthy drew millions of younger voters to his cause during last year's campaign.

In a TV interview Friday, a former WH staffer under former US President Barack Hussein Obama has said that he (Hussein Obama) is "probably still the leader of the Democratic Party". Democrats had high hopes of turning the reliably red state blue.

SHAPIRO: Last night, Bernie Sanders told an audience in Miami that Donald Trump did not win the election. It is a promising step that Mello now shares the Democratic Party's position on women's fundamental rights.

"But when we do that, we do not forget about the people who kept the lights on for decades", he said.

Sanders stumped on numerous same causes he campaigned on in his presidential run, including raising the minimum wage, providing free college education and reforming the criminal justice system.

It's a tricky dance for Sanders, an independent who does call himself a Democrat - rather, a democratic socialist - but sought the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination and aligns with the party's minority in the Senate. The two are traveling together on a "Come Together and Fight Back" multi-state tour to rally grassroots enthusiasm and attempt to strengthen the Democratic Party.

"Mark my words: 2018 will be the best midterm of our lives, but it won't be easy", said Gilberto Hinojosa, chairman of the Texas Democratic Party.

Some of the candidates Sanders has endorsed are direct products of the his campaign, such as Khalid Kamau, who was elected to the South Fulton, Georgia, City Council on Tuesday.

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- Before the tour kicked off in ME this week, there was already tension between the DNC and Sanders' team about sharing data from people who have RSVP'd.

It was an attempt to clean up an earlier comment Sanders made, which led to accusations that he was undermining both Ossoff, in whom many Democrats have invested their hopes, and an ongoing tour with Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez that was meant to demonstrate the party's unity.

Neither Ellison nor Perez was on hand Thursday - the DNC instead sent vice chairman Michael Blake - but Sanders, an Independent senator from Vermont, took the opportunity to urge Democrats to be bolder on both policy and politics. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. speaks at a rally on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Thursday's rally at the Baxter Arena, the University of Nebraska at Omaha's sports venue, attracted a crowd estimated at 5,000 and was timed to help drive Democratic turnout next month.

Touching on a vital issue to Kentucky's coalfields, Sanders embraced legislation to protect health care and pension benefits for tens of thousands of retired coal miners.

SANDERS: And I think the answer to that is the failure of the Democratic Party to have a progressive agenda, to bring people into the party, to mobilize people. But even as he laid out his plan, he warned those assembled: those in power who benefit from the current health care system will not give up without a fight.

"Kentuckians have roundly rejected the ultra-liberal, anti-jobs platform of coastal elites like Sanders and Perez", Kentucky Republican Party spokesman Tres Watson said.