New Poll Could Impact Marijuana Legalization In PA


A whopping 61% of Americans think marijuana should be legal, according to a CBS poll released Thursday. Twenty-six states and the District of Columbia have legalised marijuana since 2012. "I think it's a more unsafe drug than a lot of people realize". No group supports enforcement in states where marijuana is legal.

British Columbians were also most likely to back legalization, with 75 per cent support, while support was weakest in Quebec where only 51 per cent of people agreed.

Those over 65 are the most opposed to legalization, but most under age 65 support it.

The roughly $200 million in tax revenue from more than $1 billion in sales past year funds all that, she says, plus provides $40 million for schools.

Angus Reid executive director Shachi Kurl says the divide between support for the bill and faith in its ability to achieve its goals points to a population waiting to see how the feds' pot plan is executed.

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Leach has, for the third time, introduced legislation in the Senate, but says that this poll could embolden numerous bill's opponents who were anxious about blow-back from their constituents. "But I think that what we are learning is that certain individuals in the states that have legalized marijuana are dealing with issues and I think that it is a good opportunity for us in New Jersey to evaluate, both the negative and positive aspects of legalization". Most Democrats and independents increasingly think marijuana use should be legal, while Republicans are divided.

Support for legalization differs by age, but not by much. "And most Americans also think marijuana is less unsafe than most other drugs", CBS reports, "particularly those who say they have tried it".

On Apr. 3, the governors of the four adult-use legal marijuana states-Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington-fired off a letter to Sessions and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, imploring them to "engage with us" before changing federal policies on enforcement. Even when two legal states share a border, as Washington and OR do, carrying weed across state lines runs afoul of federal law.

Others, like Monté Ross, University of Delaware's former men's basketball coach, said they appreciate Carney's willingness to listen and that they don't view Wednesday's town hall as insincere. Most Americans under 65 say they have tried it, while just a quarter of seniors 65 and older have. For the cell sample, interviews were conducted with the person who answered the phone.