Lieberman Is Frontrunner for FBI Director Pick

Lieberman Is Frontrunner for FBI Director Pick

Former Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) is being considered - among other candidates - for the FBI Director position, the White House revealed on Wednesday.

Lieberman was born in Stamford, Connecticut, educated at Yale and Yale Law school, and served in the Connecticut state senate and as attorney general of the state before being elected as the state's Senator in Washington. Joseph Lieberman departs the White House after meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump May 17, 2017 in Washington, DC.

At the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, Rosenstein was briefing the Senate about his decision to appoint former FBI Director Robert Mueller to lead the independent Trump-Russia probe. Frank Keating, FBI acting director Andrew McCabe and Richard McFeely, a former top FBI official. From a series of policy defections on key issues to Lieberman's decision to run as an independent in CT after he lost the Democratic primary to challenger Ned Lamont in 2006, the former senator made many enemies among his own caucus. "If you try to go even an inch deep into what sort of evidence that they have, they got nothing - nothing".

Brown is one of the many Democrats who blames Lieberman for lobbying with Republicans against a 2009 Democratic proposal to extend Medicare benefits to people 55 years old rather than the current lower limit of 65. "Everybody likes and respects Joe Lieberman".

Lieberman was Vice President Al Gore's running mate in 2000.

Among their concerns was Lieberman's past praise of Michael Flynn, Trump's first national security adviser, who was sacked in February after misleading officials about his conversations with Russian officials. A late and somewhat unlikely addition to Trump's short list, Lieberman is nonetheless the sudden frontrunner.

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He introduced Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, at her confirmation hearing in January before a Senate panel, lavishing praise on the controversial nominee.

Lieberman, 75, a Democrat who became an independent in 2006, met with the president Wednesday. He backed Republican presidential nominee John McCain in 2008, angering many of his former Democratic colleagues by endorsing him at the Republican National Convention. John McCain, and did not seek re-election in 2012.

Keating told his hometown newspaper after the interview that he doesn't expect to be chosen. He also disputed the administration's characterization of the investigation into potential coordination between Russian Federation and Trump associates.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., called Lieberman a "pillar of credibility." Sen.

A number of members of Congress and other Republican and Democratic leaders have also called the White House to voice their support of former MI congressman and Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Mike Rogers for director.