Mental Health should be treated as quickly as other illnesses

Mental Health should be treated as quickly as other illnesses

Her presentation was fascinating and provided a lot of insight on how we will be viewing, treating, and preventing mental illness in the future.

Rosenberg also said the state is looking to invest in loan forgiveness programs for people in mental health professions helping young people in under-served areas. "I do think that in terms of the stigma and the social recognition of mental health disorders as legitimate and not as moral failings is better, but it's not flawless".

Moreover, even if a student, like the one in "13 Reasons", were perfectly healthy and happy before becoming the victim of crime and cruelty, and they did seemingly "survive" and get through it, mental illness could become the long-term effect. This Mental Health Awareness Month we are making mental health a priority and putting advocacy at the forefront.

Global nutrition firm MSC Nutrition has announced its partnership with online magazine Mantality as discussions taking place around mental health issues across a range of disciplines continue to grow.

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Attendees marched four blocks from the office to the City Hall and back, carrying signs with messages such as "Mental health affects everyone" and "Let's stomp out the stigma". Everyone can benefit from therapy; we all go to the doctor's for regular checkups, so why wouldn't we see a psychologist regularly to keep our minds healthy? "You just have to know what works for you, and not be afraid to try different things if you feel stressed or anxious". Many people have a misconception that therapy is only for those who have suffered a trauma or a life-altering loss.

Whom to talk to and when to seek help.

Linda Qualia, associate dean of counseling services and ACCESS for Collin College, said during the first two weeks of May when end-of-course exams were in full swing, the college's counseling services saw two-thirds as many students as they did in the entire month of April. The presentations will include anxiety, depression, autism, PTSD, Bipolar, and Co-Occurring disorders. "You see very few people following prevention models". Stress, depression, and anxiety can wreak havoc on a person's sleep habits and their general energy levels. DATIS has agreed to donate $1 to Mental Health First Aid for every like, share and favorite that the images receive. Talking through your issues with a trained professional is a good way to untangle complicated emotions and lighten the burden you may be carrying. "Having the support of the bands, Whammy Bar, and our sponsors and stalwarts of the community Phantom Billstickers, Under The Radar and 95bFM we hope will help us raise money and get the word out there about the cause".