President Trump Denies Telling Comey to Back Off Flynn Investigation


Florida Senator Marc Rubio expressed his concern over the Santos-FARC peace deal this week following Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos' visit with US President Donald Trump.

The Obama administration backed the peace accord between the government of Santos and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, which Colombia's Congress passed in November.

Santos said he is committed to working with the United States and other countries in Latin America "to fight the other links in the chain", saying they will join forces to "seize cocaine in transit".

The two held a joint press conference following their private sit down, but given the current turmoil in Washington, the media on hand was more focused on a widening Trump scandal that has snowballed daily since he fired the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation on May 9. These efforts are a promising start, but a long-term effort will be needed to significantly reduce coca production and the threat it poses to both countries.

He avoided outright disagreeing with Trump's plan to build a wall along the U.S. -Mexico border, but said that he believes "the best way is to collaborate" with other nations. Colombia is a more modern, more peaceful society.

Santos went on at length about what it will take to effectively combat drug traffickers, and then President Trump offered his own somewhat more one-dimensional solution.

When asked by a Colombian reporter whether he received a commitment of financial support, Santos said the administration and Congress showed their commitment by approving a 2017 budget that included the $450 million in spending to help implement the peace deal. I think it divides the country.

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Colombia was responsible for making 710 metric tons of cocaine previous year, compared to only 235 tons in 2013.

Trump has long pledged a $1 trillion, 10-year plan to modernize USA roads, bridges, airports, the electrical grid and water systems, but has so far been vague on how much of the spending would come from the federal government.

A weakened FARC came to the bargaining table in 2012 and last year signed the agreement that ended more than 50 years of war.

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump has welcomed the president of Colombia to the White House for their first official meeting.

He says that even his "enemies" recognize his innocence, and he's declaring himself the most unfairly hounded president in history.

Trump denied any attempt to influence the probe and said he wants to put any question of collusion with Russian Federation to bed.

OTIS: In a speech, Santos called his plan the definitive long-term solution to Colombia's cocaine problem, but the problem has stymied numerous Colombian presidents.