Mattis says Trump "wide open" on Paris climate accord


The leaders of Tunisia, Ethiopia, Niger, Nigeria and Kenya will join the discussions on Saturday to say what should be done to encourage investment and innovation on their continent.

"Today our discussions on Africa will focus on the need for a partnership across all sectors ... with innovation and development our core objects", Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said in opening remarks.

His stonewalling on climate change amounted to politically damaging rebuffs for new French president Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel. He has resisted a proposal from Italy for the G7 to help shoulder the burden of African refugees arriving on Sicily's shores.

That would be one reason why Trudeau is praising the outcome, but there were other leaders who avoided the tap dance and expressed frustration with the new man in the White House.

The Cultural Marxist of Europe were not happy with the push against terrorism.

The way the G-7 meeting spent so much time discussing climate change clearly frustrated some leaders who thought the accord signed by 195 countries was already a done deal.

"I will make my final decision on the Paris Accord next week!" he tweeted on the final day of a Group of Seven (G7) summit in Italy at which he refused to bow to pressure from allies to back the landmark 2015 agreement.

President Trump, coming off a G7 summit and meeting at the Vatican where he was pushed for the U.S.to stay in the Paris climate agreement, tweeted Saturday that he will make a decision next week. The announcement on the final day of the US president's first global trip comes after he declined to commit to staying in the sweeping climate deal, resisting intense worldwide pressure from his peers at the summit.

The summit of Group of Seven wealthy nations pitted Trump against the leaders of Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Canada and Japan on several issues.

In addition to getting pushed on the topic at the G7 summit, the president also got an earful at the Vatican, where the pope presented Trump with one of his writings on the environment and the Cardinal secretary of state further raised the issue during a bilateral meeting.

Despite disagreements on the climate goals, G7 leaders has demonstrated unity on the issues of worldwide trade and security.

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President Trump: "'We hit a home run".
President Trump claimed Friday morning that his first foreign trip has already "made and saved" billions of dollars for the US. President Donald Trump says he'll make a final decision next week on whether the US will stay in the Paris climate agreement.

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"Understanding this process, the (other participants) reaffirm their strong commitment to swiftly implement the Paris Agreement". He came here to get smart.

The delay from the U.S.is being seen as an area for concern for advocates of global action to confront climate change. "His basis for decision is ultimately going to be what's best for the United States".

The final G-7 statement, issued after two days of talks in the seaside town of Taormina, said the U.S.

"Trump's attempts to derail global climate action won't make America great, it will only make America late". It seems we'll know exactly what that means sometime next week.

"President Trump should join these leaders in protecting Americans from the mounting impacts of climate change and reaping the economic benefits of the clean energy revolution, rather than trying to shore up the flagging fortunes of the polluting coal and oil industries", Meyer said.

"We understand that this is a tool that the administration finds useful to deal with adversaries", she said.

German chancellor Angela Merkel admitted her discussion with Mr Trump had been "a very hard, not to say very unsatisfactory. meaning there is still no sign of whether the United States will remain in the Paris accord or not", she said.

Ms. Merkel told reporters she had pulled aside the U.S. President to say his criticism was "inappropriate".

In order to do that, countries pledged to reduce their carbon emissions.

However many summit participants disputed that had been the case, noting that the United States team appears still to be a prisoner of the dynamics of last year's election campaign.