British PM, rival face angry voters as election nears


Video: How well are May and Corbyn doing?

The Prime Minister replied: "No it's not, sir".

'It's not going to happen quickly, it's not going to happen easily, but we have to have that wish'.

Audience member Jack Rouse was loudly applauded as he asked Mr Corbyn: "Is Labour's manifesto a realistic wish list or is it just a letter to Santa Claus?"

He claimed a Government he led would ease tensions with countries such as North Korea through negotiations "before it reached that stage", and would not say if the United Kingdom would hit back if struck by another country.

'There has to be no first use, there has to be a process of engagement to bring about, ultimately, global nuclear disarmament. Listen, in the 1980s Britain was looking for a military solution, it clearly was never going to work.

British media and the establishment ran a massive and at times hysterical propaganda campaign against him.

The full version of the video shows the socialist saying: "I condemn all the bombing by the loyalists and the IRA".

The number of people who have watched the film is similar to a televised party election broadcast audience, but because it is on Facebook it is not regulated by Ofcom, which can only consider complaints about "unjust or unfair treatment of individuals or organisations" in TV party broadcasts.

Corbyn wants to get rid of Britain's Trident weapons system.

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The Labour leader, who's made no secret of his long-held opposition to Trident despite agreeing to press ahead with renewal of the system, was repeatedly asked whether he would be prepared to push the button if the United Kingdom was under attack.

"The Conservatives are running a hateful campaign based on smears, innuendo and fake news", said a spokesman for Corbyn.

It shows this election could be a lot harder to predict than people might think.

"We are asking the very biggest corporations to pay a bit more, but I tell you what - I think it's worth it", said the Labour leader. "We encourage all readers to watch it and share with their family and friends". It has also promised to consult Parliament more closely throughout the negotiations.

The party leaders appeared consecutively, avoiding any exchanges or debate with each other. The odds were 200-1 against Corbyn winning - but he did win.

The Conservatives claim Labour's plans to reverse reductions in corporation tax will discourage investment, which is crucial to supporting growth and jobs.

The row came as the main parties cranked up their spending on Facebook advertising with six days to go until the election. The data has been gathered by the Who Targets Me project and analysed by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. But if "project fear' wasn't enough for the Remain campaign in 2016, it may not be enough for the Conservatives in 2017 - or at least not enough for them to significantly increase their majority in the House of Commons. The choice is clear: Corbyn and your security is too big a risk". Some were still uncomfortable saying they were voting "Conservative". "Mayism" was launched with posters calling on voters to support "May's Team" instead of the Conservative Party; other tactics included frequent repetition of the phrases "strong and stable", "ordinary people" and - to describe her opponents - "coalition of chaos".

Corbyn used a rally in Basildon, in southeastern England, to say that May and the Conservatives are putting Britain's economy at risk by taking an unnecessarily hard line toward the European Union over Brexit terms, which may lead to a breakdown in talks. Her plan to take the savings and property of those suffering from dementia was met with anger from the public, and within a day of the announcement, she was forced to backtrack.

Should I vote Labour? But its post-Brexit demise seemed to benefit the Conservatives more.