Putin Dismisses Intelligence About Russian Interference in Election as 'Assumptions'


The Latest on St. Petersburg economic forum (all times local): 5:05 p.m. President Vladimir Putin has ridiculed the United States focus on the Russian ambassador's contacts with members of President Donald Trump's team, saying that the envoy was only doing his job.

Putin was asked about Trump's withdrawal from the worldwide agreement by Megyn Kelly during the St. Petersburg global Economic Forum.

He reached France after wrapping up his visit to Russian Federation during which he held talks with President Vladimir Putin and attended an global economic forum.

Pressed by Kelly to explain the Russian "fingerprints" described by the combined intelligence agencies' declassified report, Putin sneered that the IP addresses the report attributed to Russian hackers could've been rigged by anyone to blame Russia. "We never engaged in that on a state level, and have no intention of doing so", Putin said.

Kushner then held a secret meeting with Sergei Gorkov, head of Russia's Kremlin-connected development bank, a meeting the White House says was one of many diplomatic encounters Kushner, now a presidential adviser, held in the weeks before Trump's inauguration. "Nothing more. If there is something specific, concrete, we could discuss that". "A dumb man who can't do anything would blame the Jews for everything".

Snowden, 33, was given asylum in Russian Federation in 2013 after leaking classified information about US spy operations. "Trump's team was more efficient during the election campaign".

Prompting another roar of nervous laughter from the crowd and facial histrionics from Putin, she asked if Modi could trust Putin, given his claims about the US election.

In 2014, when the Ukraine crisis first started, US cabinet officials including Secretary of State John Kerry made personal calls to chief executives of USA firms asking them not to attend, said a former USA official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

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When Kelly asked if he would join European leaders in their condemnation of Trump's decision on the deal, Putin forced another chuckle from the crowd when he remarked that he is not regarded as a European leader. What's an ambassador supposed to do? Putin opted for a decidedly smaller hypothetical culprit-Kelly's three-year-old daughter.

"It took us 40 years with China to negotiate the frontier issue".

On India's relations with Russian Federation and China, PM Modi said that the world is no longer bipolar as it was a few decades ago.

Remember when the president was anxious about world leaders laughing at us?

Earlier, Trump accused India of extracting "billions and billions and billions" of dollars in foreign aid from the developed world to sign up for the climate accord and pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord.

Putin also said that Trump's promise to negotiate new conditions for the US leaves hope for reaching a compromise before the Paris deal takes effect, adding that USA participation is essential for the success of global efforts.

Vladimir Isachenkov reported from Moscow.