NYC subway passengers trapped in dark, hot train for an hour

Late again? You can get a verification letter from MTA proving your train was late. AP file

According to Michael Sciaraffo, who wrote a thoroughly detailed first-person account of this experience on Facebook, the train lost power to its air conditioning and lights, something the conductor initially attributed to the MTA's catch-all excuse "train traffic ahead of us". Some people took off shirts, others took off trousers, and one lady was forced to strip down to the point where passengers covered her with a jacket to preserve her privacy. Claustrophobia, panic and heat exhaustion began to set in for many folks. The MTA has announced a six-point crash program to attempt to identify and treat the most problematic issues causing breakdowns and delays on the city's Eighth Avenue Line, but without a long-term, system-wide plan to fix the deep, chronic rot in the system, such programs may amount to little more than, as the saying goes, lipstick on a pig.

Oswald said she got on the crowded F train at the 23rd street station a little past 6 p.m. Some people started getting faint, and we started to try and see if we could identify any elderly people or pregnant women on the vehicle who were standing or needed water to see if they needed to sit and drink.

Transit workers finally cleared the platform and opened the doors of the hell-bound F train, and sweat-drenched riders emerged into the cool and refreshing air of the subways. The feeling of remotely cooler air felt unbelievable compared to how it felt on the train.

Eventually another train pushed the broken F train from behind, to the platform which was so packed it took another ten minutes before they were allowed off. Steam fogged up the windows as the auto rolled into the station, with passengers looking visibly dishelveled, sweaty, and upset. When you breathed it was dense.

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A viral video showing passengers trying to physically claw their way out of an F subway after it was stuck between stations for over an hour has become symbolic of New York's growing subway disruptions during the last two months.

The F train fiasco is the latest in a string of disruptions that have plagued NY commuters in the last few months.

Subway malfunctions and delays are common problems across the MTA system.