Pedro Martinez Poking The Tires On A David Ortiz Return


"I just retired. I don't want to be bothering anybody", he said.

"Look at Judge", David Ortiz said Monday night with the Yankees' right fielder standing nearby. "Look at Judge, man", Ortiz told reporters. A guy that big that hits like that, that's special.

I've always believed that there's nothing in sports quite like the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry.

Ortiz's comeback is unlikely, while Martinez might be right in the sense that Big Papi is in baseball shape, the roster in Boston does not fit for Ortiz right now with Hanley Ramirez's inability to play first base right now.

"To be honest with you, with the strike zone for a guy his size, I believe even though he's so good, he's gonna get better", Ortiz said at a fundraiser for CC Sabathia's PitCChIn Foundation, which reaches out to inner-city children in the NY area, as well as Sabathia's native Northern California. He's fun to watch.

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"Do you know how hard it is to hit when you're that tall?"

On what Ortiz's role might be with the Boston Red Sox going forward, he says nothing is set in stone yet.

Ortiz said nothing to support Pedro's comments which is consistent with all of his previous interviews ever since he announced his retirement.

As for Ortiz, he spent Monday night at a charity bowling tournament thrown by Yankees lefty CC Sabathia.

It may not have been his last season, though.