Bake In Space Is Trying To Help Astronauts Defeat Crumbs

Bake In Space Is Trying To Help Astronauts Defeat Crumbs

With Bake in Space - an experiment that aims to create crumb-free bread for astronauts - the German company hopes their unique recipe and oven will create a mess-free version of the goodness that everyone can enjoy without the fear of imminent death. Meanwhile, Jack Fischer SM '98 is now a crewmember on the International Space Station.

The two might have had some laughs, but when they got back home no one was laughing.

The German project is developing a system that will allow astronauts at the global space station has fresh pastries, preparing it directly into orbit. All they wanted was a taste of homemade bread, but it all went wrong with breadcrumbs spreading all over the zero-gravity space station!

The best thing since sliced bread may be carbs without crumbs.

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Before the shuttle missions, NASA still allowed astronauts to carry bread in microgravity but only in pre-cut, bite-sized cubes that were coated with gelatine to keep any crumbs from floating away. They are trying to address the future needs and requirements of space travel, which is starting to become available to more people and set to continue doing so.

Their gluttonous adventure might have satiated their taste buds, but NASA astronauts have been banned from taking or baking bread in space since then. And it should be ready to pop into a specially-made oven in time for a April 2018 mission to the station. The scientists will try to create "typical" weekend German bread rolls using the low-energy convection oven. A German company promises to introduce a revolutionary new crumb-free bread, just for the astronauts' consumption!

As the team explains online, "besides a source for nutrition, the smell of fresh bread evokes memories of general happiness". "It is a symbol of recreational time and procedure down on Earth".

The first space bread is slated for 2018 when the necessary equipment will arrive on the ISS during Alexander Gerst's second science mission on the complex as an ESA astronaut.