Britain says will be "positive and constructive" in Brexit talks

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Their first task must be to "tackle the uncertainties caused by Brexit", he said, citing the rights of European Union citizens in Britain and the possible impact on the open border between Northern Ireland and the republic. "We will continue to campaign for the priorities and concerns of business communities across the United Kingdom as negotiations continue - and ensure that their practical priorities are front and centre".

Brexit Secretary David Davis has said Britain will seek "a deal that works in the best interests of all citizens" in Brexit talks getting under way in Brussels. The two sides are expected to meet monthly until March 2019, when Brexit is due to happen.

The working language of the negotiations will be English and French, with interpretations provided by the European Commission.

Residents now enjoy free movement across the border and many businesses have facilities on both sides.

Chief U.K. negotiator David Davis and his European Union counterpart, former French foreign minister Michel Barnier, told reporters in Brussels that they would first address key questions over how much the U.K. owes the bloc, and the rights of millions of citizens who have settled in Britain or Europe.

Throughout the year Theresa May, Britain's Prime Minister, has talked up a "Hard Brexit", nearly piggybacking Trump's ideas of nationalistic intent and strong arming ones way through a negotiation.

These include the thorny issues of Britain's estimated 100-billion-euro ($112 billion) exit bill, the rights of European Union citizens living in Britain, and the fate of the border in Northern Ireland.

If no trade deal has been reached by this point, UK-EU relations could be governed by a "transitional arrangement" for some months or years.

Frenchman Barnier struck a firm tone as he said the timetable for Britain's divorce after four troubled decades of membership made sense.

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Davis said the talks were off to a "promising start" and denied that Britain had caved in on the sequencing of the talks.

After the initial shock of last year's Brexit vote, the bloc at 27 appears to have steadied in recent months and got a real boost with the election of new French President Emmanuel Macron in May.

"We're leaving the EU and because we are leaving the EU, we will be leaving the single market and by the way, we will be leaving the customs union". Anxious by immigration and loss of sovereignty, Britain a year ago voted to end its decades-old membership of the 28-country bloc - the first state ever to do so - in a shock referendum result.

The U.K. has said it wants to "freeze" the existing rights of European Union citizens, but it hasn't revealed any details. May, whose future is uncertain after she lost her Conservative majority in an election this month, has insisted that trade talks start immediately and run in parallel.

In a rare move, the United Kingdom government Sunday announced the cancellation of the Queen's Speech for 2018 to give Parliament more time to push through controversial Brexit laws after Prime Minister Theresa May's election debacle.

"We must lift the uncertainty caused by Brexit", said Barnier. "If we're going to radically change the way we work together, we need to get there via a slope, not via a cliff edge", he said.

That source, and another in the Conservative party, said May's misjudged election gamble had undermined her authority, leaving her in the thrall of the two wings of her party that have differing views for Brexit - "purists" who want a clean break and "remainers" pressing for close ties.

Theresa May is pressing ahead with her Brexit schedule despite political chaos within her own party.