German minister sees hope of 'soft' Brexit


Days after a suggestion from French President Emmanuel Macron that Britain could still choose to remain, Davis said there would be no backtracking from Prime Minister Theresa May's plan to deliver on Brexit, for which Britons voted in a referendum nearly a year ago.

May's letter triggering the so called Article 50 exit procedure is still the most detailed document on the UK's intention.

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel told Sunday's Welt am Sonntag newspaper that "maybe there is now a chance to achieve a so-called "soft Brexit.'" But he said staying in the European Union single market would require Britain to accept European Union workers" freedom of movement. There is a steady dialogue between the two sides that has never stopped at any point.

Conservatives and the DUP are committed to strengthening British unity, delivering Brexit, combating terrorism and delivering prosperity but "at the moment there isn't a deal", the source said. "So I'm afraid to say there is no goodwill towards her".

This first phase could take many weeks.

Britain's Leader of the House of Commons Andrea Leadsom is shown on June 12 in London.

However, the Queen's Speech has now been scheduled for next Wednesday.

Sounding conciliatory, Britain's Boris Johnson said as he arrived at a meeting with fellow European Union foreign ministers in Luxembourg that he looked forward to "a happy revolution" in relations that would be good for Britain and the rest of Europe. But public trust in the government is faltering, and May's own poll ratings have plummeted since Election Day.

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May has clung on to power but has so far failed to conclude an agreement with Northern Ireland's ultra-conservative Democratic Unionist Party that would bolster her ability to govern.

However, the slide also emphasised that what's important for the Pound right now is the shape of any Brexit agreement.

After a tumultuous week that pitched Britain into its deepest political crisis since the Brexit referendum a year ago, May's future was uncertain, darkened by her botched gamble on a snap election and muted response to a deadly fire in London.

May's programme will most probably have to be watered down, dropping some of her preferred reforms to help get legislation through parliament and possibly having to give way to other ministers who have strong views over the direction of Brexit.

She has since said the timetable will remain unchanged but there is growing pressure on her to moderate the government's approach and favour maintaining close ties with the European single market.

While Barnier insists on the "sequencing" of talks, so that trade negotiations can not start until probably January, finding a way to avoid a "hard" customs border for troubled Northern Ireland may well involve some earlier discussion of the matter.

The Chancellor Philip Hammond has said that leaving the European Union without any deal on trade would be "a very, very bad outcome" but maintained that there are other outcomes which could be worse.

A spokesman for ECREU (one of the expat rights groups in the British in Europe coalition) Dave Spokes, said: "Now Theresa May has no majority, our 9,000 members are holding their breath in anticipation of a more realistic approach to Brexit and for their government to take the lead and prioritise the guaranteeing of United Kingdom citizen's rights". Similarly, if the socially-conservative DUP demands too high a price for its cooperation, the resulting chaos could hit the Pound hard.