Sean Spicer says Trump has confidence in Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein


Jay Sekulow, personal lawyer for Donald Trump.

"Sekulow says that when people study the 2016 presidential election, they'll look back at Trump's communications as the most successful utilization of social media platforms and communication in our lifetime".

"I have no idea if he's looking at that or not", Sekulow responded, before noting the president has the constitutional authority to fire the Federal Bureau of Investigation director.

"Oh boy, this is weird", Wallace says later in the interview.

"The tweet from the president was in response to the five anonymous sources purportedly leaking info to The Washington Post", Sekulow told NBC television's "Meet the Press".

The two were formerly law partners at Washington firm WilmerHale. Additionally, mounting conflicts of interest involved with the special counsel investigation mandate the recusal of Rosenstein and his special counsel appointee Mueller.

"He takes the action that [the Attorney General's office] recommended and now he's being investigated by the Department of Justice.He's being investigated for taking the action that the attorney general and deputy attorney general recommended him to take by the agency who recommended the terminations." starts Sekulow.

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The US president has denied trying to influence the investigation, but has acknowledged in an interview that Russian Federation was on his mind when he dismissed Comey. Many people who do not appreciate how politicized the legal system has become will conclude that if you are under investigation, you must have done something wrong.

It's too early to say for sure what legal strategy his team will settle on, especially since the full contours of the probe aren't known and no public allegations have been levelled by investigators. He spoke Monday on CNN.

A statement from Ms Gorelick said: 'After the appointment of our former partner Robert Mueller as special counsel, we advised Mr. Kushner to obtain the independent advice of a lawyer with appropriate experience as to whether he should continue with us as his counsel'.

"No Chris, I said that the inve-any...let me be crystal clear so you completely understand". Among the lawyers contacted, one person said, was Abbe D. Lowell, a prominent trial lawyer whose previous clients include Jack Abramoff, the powerful Republican lobbyist, in a corruption scandal that shook Washington in 2005.

Trump tweeted on Friday: "I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director!"

As the investigation does move forward, there's been a tip from the deputy attorney general. "Witch Hunt." It was the first time Trump had publicly acknowledged that he's under investigation. "Which also makes you wonder why they'd pick a guy who is Comey's close friend to investigate a situation in which inevitably involves Comey".

"Many new jobs, high business enthusiasm", he wrote on Sunday, also pointing to his successful nomination of conservative justice Neil Gorsuch to the top U.S. court.