Trump tweets about Democrats, Georgia election

Conservative PAC links Jon Ossoff to Scalise shooting in attack ad

It's all coming to a head on Tuesday.

Here's what you need to know. The political environment for Trump is undoubtedly better now than it was in May when Ossoff appeared to be surging. He backs many flashpoint Democratic causes, including Obamacare, though he has tried to cast his message in a centrist light.

Despite Trump's favorables being underwater, the president weighed in to express support for Handel, most recently in a social media post Monday.

"It's a race that we have to win", said Georgia state Sen. To help Handel, the ad claims that both Ossoff and Nancy Pelosi are part of the problem. She unsuccessfully ran for Senate in 2014.

Ossoff is trying to flip the suburban Atlanta district that Republican Tom Price left to become Trump's health secretary. That's double the number of people who voted early in April, when Ossoff almost won the race outright.

Carver believes the shooting will bring moderates and independents out to the polls and vote in favor of the Republican party candidate, Karen Handel. Both candidates crisscrossed the district ahead of Tuesday's vote to rally their core supporters. But this is a special election where the candidates have drawn threats of harm, worldwide attention and tens of millions of dollars - and many volunteers who view the race through a national spotlight. But the proposal also would allow states to obtain waivers that would jettison existing prohibitions on charging more for patients based on individual history and risk. The previous record-holder was the 2012 race between Rep. Allen West and former Rep. Patrick Murphy in Palm Beach County, Fla., which saw $29.6 million in spending.

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A series of polls released over the weekend showed Ossoff's lead - which had been as high as 7 points in May - dwindled down to a near-tie. Nevertheless, in a close race, as this is expected to be, virtually any event can tip the scales. "It's a dead heat, neck and neck, and is all about turnout", Handel told Atlanta's WSB-TV.

The special election is on Tuesday. Those Republicans include former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

The price tag of the Georgia special congressional election has climbed north of $50 million, making it the most expensive House race ever.

Aside from the special elections in Kansas, Montana, California, Georgia and South Carolina, Utah will hold a special election on November 7 to replace the retiring Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz; and there will be a special Senate election on December 12 in Alabama to replace Jeff Sessions, now the attorney general.

The president also endorsed - and correctly spelled - GOP congressional candidate Ralph Norman from SC, saying he would be "a fantastic help to me in cutting taxes and getting great border security and healthcare". He added, "Vote now for Karen H".