Two navy personnel killed in Pakistan

Pakistan Gwadar Pakistan Navy attack

The sailors were transporting iftar items during a routine run from Jiwani city when their vehicle was ambushed by four assailants on two motorbikes, reported DawnNews.

Sources said the Navy personnel were bringing Iftari while the assailants lying in wait opened fire on them. Search operations are being conducted in the areas. He vowed to take action against the attack and punish those responsible. It was informed that two of the Pak Navy officials were martyred by the extremists. "They will be recompensed of their evil deeds".

Taking note of the incident, Balochistan Chief Minister Sanaullah Zehri condemned the incident, directing the levies and police to submit a report about the terrorist incident.

"We won't bow to such attackers".

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Two terrorists killed: The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) shot dead two suspected terrorists in Lahore on Monday. "Their sacrifices would not go waste". As part of the project, China is also developing the Gwadar port where hundreds of Chinese and Pakistani officials and laborers are working on developmental projects.

Pakistan and China have inked agreements aimed at boosting cooperation in various sectors between the two countries.

India, Iran and Afghanistan are building the Chabahar Port in the strategic Iranian port city, apparently to counter Pakistan and China Gwadar port plan.

"The CPEC is a new concept of diplomacy based on shared goals of prosperity for Pakistan and the region, and a project to eliminate poverty, unemployment and underdevelopment", the PM added.