Vegas holds trade cards during expansion draft window

Vegas holds trade cards during expansion draft window

The official draft rules state the Golden Knights must select at least 14 forwards, nine defensemen and three goaltenders, have to reach at least 60 percent of last year's $73 million salary cap ($43.8 million) and need to take at least 20 players under contract for next season. "You can negotiate your way out of this if you wish", McPhee said.

Ahead of the draft, the 30 other teams were able to protect a certain number of players from being drafted. The NHL's newest team will select one player from each organization to complete its first roster.

"We really like what we're looking at right now", McPhee said. If you really want to keep a good, unprotected player, it'll cost you. Each team had the option to protect seven forwards, three defensemen and one goalie, or eight skaters and one goalie.

To keep Vegas from choosing whomever they wanted from this list, many seem to think that the Ducks have a trade ready to announce with the Vegas Golden Knights as it pertains to not taking Sami Vatanen.

Because teams can only lose one player to the expansion draft and since all signs point to Vegas adding Fleury, the protected list was mostly an academic exercise for the Penguins.

"Whatever you want to give us has to be better than what we can claim from that club", McPhee told reporters in Las Vegas on Sunday. McPhee, as he is doing with every team, simply said it will cost Botterill something.

There's also nothing barring Vegas from having a deal in place to select a player in order to trade him to another team.

The San Jose Sharks failed to protect forward Joe Thornton, the Washington Capitals left forward TJ Oshie free, the Florida Panthers made forward Jaromir Jagr available and the Montreal Canadiens didn't protect Russian star Alexander Radulov. "We want to have a discussion with the league (Tuesday) night about what our team is going to look like to make sure we meet all of the requirements and then, if everything's okay, I'll sleep on it and then just send it in Wednesday morning".

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Buffalo's protected list did not include Carrier or goalie, Linus Ullmark. At the least, the Golden Knights could field inquiries and see if someone is willing to bite on an aging goalie who makes tons of sense in Vegas but may make even more sense to McPhee if he reels in considerable assets.

After a half-hour delay, the National Hockey League finally released the protected lists Sunday for the upcoming expansion draft for the Vegas Golden Knights.

Mike Smith went from Arizona to Calgary and a couple of defensemen traded places as National Hockey League teams made last-minute moves before the Vegas expansion draft roster freeze.

From Saturday afternoon through Thursday morning, after Vegas makes its picks, the rest of the teams can't make trades with each other.

"Vegas doesn't need 10", said Chayka after making a proactive move to free up the Coyotes' protected list by trading veteran goalie Mike Smith to Calgary.

"The players Vegas drafts, not all of them are going to play for Vegas".

"We've got lots of things lined up, but until we see everything, we don't have anything", McPhee said.

"We can put a good team on the ice and accumulate draft picks and be in a surplus situation here in the next couple of years so that we can start with a real good team and then build it with these draft picks to a team that can win a Cup", said McPhee, who figures three or four new players will be in Vegas for the reveal show Wednesday night.